This is Horror is proud to announce a brand new endeavour, a brand new series of quality premium chapbooks from some of the best names in horror fiction.  Kicking of the series is Joe and Me from acclaimed UK author David Moody. 
The Chapbooks will be limited to a run of only 500 copies, so be sure and get your orders in sharpish, as they are bound to sell out quickly.    Future editions of the series will include stores from such greats as Conrad Williams, Gary McMahon and Simon Bestwick, and Joseph D’Lacey.  The chapbooks will be available to purchase singly, or if you are smart like me you can also take out an annual subscription to the series.  By taking out a subscription you will have added benefits such as :  

· Exclusive e-chapbook at no extra cost
· Exclusive members only premium newsletter
· Win a second year’s annual subscription
· Guarantee a copy of chapbooks before they sell out
· Save money

For more information on the series please visit the THIS IS HORROR website. 

Joe & Me
by David Moody
Annual Chapbook Premium Subscription £20
Available for pre-order from the This Is Horror shop
The premiere This Is Horror chapbook from the author of the AUTUMN and HATER series
Limited Signature Edition 500 copies
Released on June 18, 2012

Joe is anything but an ordinary eight year old. His father’s a stay-at-home Dad and his mom’s going to save the world.
Forced to live in cramped quarters after the military pull funding on his mother’s research, Joe is thrown into the midst of a race against the clock to save mankind. As tensions rise and the family disintegrates, all must face an uncomfortable ultimatum.
Do they save each other or humanity?

“In Joe & Me, as in all Moody’s fiction, the real horror doesn’t lie in the apocalyptic scenarios he draws with such chilling accuracy, but the emotional truths he conjures from his characters’ heart rending struggles. Joe & Me isn’t just a story about the end of the world, it’s also an important tale about the impossible choices you have to make as a parent, the pressures of modern parenting and the lengths to which anyone would go to keep their child safe. This is compulsive reading, a story you can’t put down unless someone hacks both your arms off.”


“Satisfyingly morose. Takes a lo-fi route to an unavoidable apocalypse.”


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