Some horror books are excellent because they delve into the deepest parts of our psyche, and try and shed light on makes us us.  Some are excellent because the author has an amazing talent for writing wonderful prose, and some books are just excellent, because they entertain the reader with a blockbusting balls to the walls story.

I’m happy to say that Evil Eternal is one of the most refreshing entries in the balls to the wall type of horror novel that I grew up reading,  in many a long year.

Right from the first chapter, where we are introduced to the lone wanderer, who has the power, among many others, to cause trees to rot in an instant, you as the reader will be captivated.  Just who is this vile malicious man.  Don’t worry folks for all is revealed, in  glorious fashion.  And it looks like our wanderer has big plans for our little corner of reality.  But don’t worry folks, for we have our own weapon against the evil, in the looming powerful, and rather frightening Father Michael.  Father Michael, is the Catholic Church’s super secret  one man army, tasked with fighting evil whenever it takes root in our world.  To paraphrase the film Braindead, “Father Michael kicks arse for the Lord.”  This is a clergyman, who would rather use crucifix shaped throwing star to dispatch the demons in the this book than the power of prayer.

Out of the two main characters Father Michael is the most interesting, I won’t say to much about who and what he is, as this is an integral part to plot, suffice to say that Shea, has created an excellent protagonist for this book, one in which the reader will feel both pity and admiration.

The revelation as to who the wanderer is is a great use of Christian folklore, however, when compared to Father Michael, this character feels slightly underwritten, and at times becomes a sort of pantomime villain.  It would have been nice if both the main characters had been developed as well as Father Michael.

However, with this in mind, if you are looking for a brilliant action based horror, then Evil Eternal fits the bill perfectly.  In an age where so many horror authors seem more  concerned about being literary, and taken seriously, it was a joy to read a book by an author that understands how to wrie an enjoyable, thrilling and fun horror novel.

8 out of 10 



  1. Dig your blog, I'm about halfway through the book. I love the action, but some of the characters are cliche; then again is that not we expect from the action genre?

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