Black Static is the successor to The Third Alternative magazine, which was founded in 1994. When TTA Press acquired Interzone in 2005 it was no longer necessary to publish science fiction and fantasy in The Third Alternative. Its replacement, Black Static, also contains original fiction and illustrations plus horror/dark fantasy related news and reviews of books, movies and DVDs. It is not celebrity oriented. This edition has the text of the print edition but some illustrations, graphics and advertisements are not present. 
The title and strapline reference ‘electronic voice phenomenon’ (EVP), the noise found on recordings which some people interpret as the voices of ghosts. The film White Noise, starring Michael Keaton, could more accurately be called Black Static. What makes the title even more suitable is that ‘Black Static’ is also Paul Meloy’s British Fantasy Award winning story from The Third Alternative
I can’t believe that this is only the first issue of Black Static that I have read.   It’s always been a magazine that I was aware off, but didn’t really know much about.  And after reading this issue, I now feel really embarrassed that I have let 27 other issues slip me buy.  
This is a first class magazine that has a near perfect mix of fiction, articles, interviews and reviews. Some of the genre’s finest names have had a hand in creating this issue, from Steven Volk’s The Right Hand of Satan,  which is an excellent piece that draws parallels between possession films, politics and social upheaval.  
To Tony Lee’s extensive DVD and Blu Ray review, his reviews are informative and entertaining, I do feel sorry for him though, having to sit through Kill Keith. Just how he finds the time to watch all these films I’ll never know.
Peter Tennant’s book reviews are a joy to read, well written,and  thoughtful. The highlight of this issue for me, is Peter’s interview and retrospective on Christopher Fowler. 
As for the fiction the fiction on offer here is of a very high standard.  My two favourites were Joel Lane’s The Messenger, and Priya Shama’s The Ballad of Boomtown

In an age when most genre magazines that are available on the high-street are shown a blatant disregard, in in some cases an almost hatred towards horror, it is really refreshing to read a magazine that showcases the best in what is out there and one that is not ashamed to love the genre. 

3 thoughts on “BLACK STATIC 28

  1. Yes you should get a subscription but there are e book versions on Smashwords, ( though #28 is not there yet, if you are curious. Anyone can download BS #19 from Smashwords at the price they choose to pay. So if you want to check it out for free here is the link. ( And if you decide to pay for it even better but don't worry if you don't just buy another issue. There are plenty to chosse from.

    You don't need an e reader to use Smashwords but they are more convenient than the PC I use.

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