Night of The Wendigo by William Meikle

Four hundred years ago a Scottish cargo ship fell prey to a Wendigo at an early settlement on the Hudson River. Now a team of archaeologists have uncovered the boat, and let loose the evil.

Soon Manhattan is hit by an ice storm like no other. Besides the wind and ice, there is something else moving in the storm. Blue, cold things, with razor sharp teeth.

If ever there was an author whose novels should be turned into brilliant popcorn fest films then it is Mr Meikle.  Meikle is the master of the modern pulp novel.   His stories capture the readers imagination and takes it on a whirlwind of a roller-coaster ride that will leave you breathless come the last page.  
I had the honour of reading an early draft of this book a couple of years back, at that point it had a different title, so I was unaware when I purchased this book that I had already read  a version of it.  Not one to waste money, combined with the fact, that even if this version was identical  to the one I had already read I knew I was going to in for a great time.  
Night of The Wendigo, is another near perfect example of why I love Willie’s writing, within minutes I was transported into another world, a world in which all the crap of real life didn’t exist.  All that existed and all that mattered for my time spent in this book was the book itself.  Some books require you to think and concentrate, and some books like this places your brain right in the centre of an  3D Dolby 7.1 surround sound narrative. And please believe me this is no criticism  of Willie’s writing, Willie has a gift for writing highly entertaining thrilling novels, and this is no exception.  
8 out of 10 

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