D.M. Younquist: A DCP Guest Post

As part of their birthday celebrations I am honoured to D. M. Youngquist over for a guest post. 
About a year ago, I sent Snareville to a guy by the name of Jim Mcleod over in Edinburgh for review. He couldn’t promise anything, ‘cause he was burned out on zombie stories. Well, Jim read it, and posted up the review a few weeks later on a little blog site called “The Ginger Nuts of Horror.” It was my first review of anything I’d ever written. I was scared he’d tear it apart, since as a writer, we’re our own worst critics. 
I was really happy with the review, and enjoyed his comments, and hoped that a few folks would read it. Both of us, Dark Continents and Ginger Nuts, were rather new to the scene in the literary world. 
Amazing how things change in a year. Jim’s site has grown to be a real factor in the world of reviews and book news, and DCP continues to take on new writers and release quality books for a horror audience that wants quality story telling with their gore. 
A year ago, May 1, Dark Continents Publishing launched 13 titles from the World Horror Convention in Austin, Texas. About eight months before, six writers from around the world had come together to form this company, and change things up in the writing world. We were tired of jumping through hoops to get the attention of the big, monolithic publishers in New York and London. The big boys were in a death spiral, and we could see the writing on the wall. Hell, as we were putting DCP together, Dorchester folded. 
So we went into business knowing what was wrong, and how we wanted to fix it. We wanted to give writers more control over their careers. We wanted to pair authors with artists to create book covers that made sense. We wanted to keep our costs down and create quality books, so we went with Lightning Source as our printer. They create award winning print on demand books from three plants: One in the US, one in England, and one in Australia. We wanted a global reach with our distribution while keeping shipping costs down. Another advantage to going with LS. But we also wanted to be as green as we can. So, the only time on of DCP’s books is in paper form, is when it’s printed. We take e-file manuscripts only. Everything is edited on the computer. The files are sent to the printer, and now, we even get electronic proofs. 
It’s been a great system for us, and it’s worked. We’ve signed some amazing authors, and released some award winning books. Every author with DCP has not only received great reviews from critics around the world, but have been nominated for some pretty heavy duty awards. 
So for us, it’s been a pretty great year as well. I like to consider Jim and Ginger Nuts to be part of the DCP family, and with our birthday here, I wanted to do a guest blog on one of my favorite sites. 
You see, we’re doing something special for our birthday. If you go over to our website, you’ll find that we’re having a birthday bash. All our titles are 10% off, and we’ll cover the cost of shipping. Now that may not seem like much, but it gets better. 
For every dollar raised, we donate 10% to the American Cancer Society for cancer research. This is a scourge that has touched every person I’ve known in one way or another. I’ve lost family members to cancer, and will lose another, as he’s in the terminal stages of brain cancer. Tracie McBride’s father is fighting it, as is Willie Miekle’s dad. I would venture a guess and say that everyone who reads this blog has been touched by this disease in some way. Every year, it claims more lives, and morphs into a monster that is harder to fight. 
So, as publisher, I set the goal to raise and donate $1,000 to cancer research. Now this is through sales from the website, and through Kindle. If we make that goal, I’ll shave off my mustache for the first time in 27 years. Neither my wife nor daughter has ever seen me without it. Even my mom, when I told her, said she couldn’t remember a time in my adult life when I didn’t have it. So, if you keep track of some of the other blogs, now you know why everyone has been offering to skin my lip. Hey, maybe if we’re lucky, I can talk some of the furrier DCP family members into shaving as well. 
Now if me with a bald lip, and savings on your book buys isn’t enough, we have other incentives as well. We have prizes to give away for purchases of two, three and four books. You can win tee shirts, hand turned coffee mugs, a good zombie killing kukri knife, a bug-out bag, books from our authors, some original cover art signed by the artists, and one lucky person will have one of our authors name a character after them in a book. We can’t promise your namesake will be a hero or mass murderer, but you’ll have bragging rights down at the tavern. 
For all the details, stop by our website, at www.darkcontinents.com and check out the details. Happy reading folks, and thanks for a year of support and encouragement. Looking forward to giving you chills for many more years to come. 


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