NERVES BY John Palisano

Something strange has changed in Josiah. He has awoken with the power to give life to the dead. And he isn’t the only one with an amazing new ability. Halfway across the world, his brother Horace discovers his very presence can kill.

The brothers’ powers are not a secret to everyone, however. The vampiric witch Ogam plans to claim them for his own. The only hope for the brothers’ safety is to escape to the otherworld known as Alta, where they can realize the true power of their supernatural gifts.

Will they be able to defeat Ogam ,or will he take their love, their family, and their very souls?

Now this is odd mixture of a novel, part road trip, part Clive Barkerish horror and part Lovecraftian horror.  There was a chance that these parts would fail to gel and result in a mess of a novel, but John Palisano has crafted a very satisfying novel indeed. Populated with interesting and oddball  characters,and a narrative that keeps the story flowing in a tight, fast paced manner that throws the odd curve ball into the mix.  Nerves  will keep the reader engrossed in this wonderfully weird tale.    Nerves is breath of fresh air in the horror / dark fantasy genre. 
8 out of 10 

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