It feels that lately, I have been ignoring this blog.  I’ll be honest the huge pile of books to be read and reviewed, and the huge pile of books just to be reviewed has been praying on my mind.  Combined with a hard time at work, and a couple of cases  of illness, has left me feeling rather uninterested in this blog.

And when faced with reviews for books from people who have clearly never read the blog, let alone the review policy, yes some folks still think that I  want to read about sparkly vampires and zombies,  has had me contemplating nuking it.  I have been mulling it over for the past few weeks, this used to be great fun, but lately an influx of really poor and down right terrible books have left me feeling drained.

However, this blog has become a big part of my life, and to nuke it completely would be stupid.  I have decided that the only way to get back into the flow is to cull a lot of books from the review pile, this may seem unfair to many of you, especially those caught in the cull.  to this I say sorry, yes i did agree to read to your book, but please remember that this is a purely amateur operation, I receive no payment for this whatsoever.  It’s bad enough that I do so may hours of unpaid overtime at work, I just can’t keep doing this to the extent that I have been doing this.  Over the next few days I will compile a list of books that I will still be reading and reviewing, and from this point on I will become a lot stricter on accepting books to review.

Please don’t think I have made the decision lightly, and I apologise from the bottom of my heart to those authors whose books didn’t make the cut.



  1. I know how draining it can be as an amateur reviewer. Finding a gem is always exciting, but those times when you find yourself reading a couple of bad books in a row are indeed draining (it's enough to put me in an awful mood). I'm glad you didn't nuke the webpage. 😉

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