A Guest Post From Jim Bronyaur : Series of Fears

The best way for us to get out and promote the Series of Fears series is to admit our own fears…
For those who aren’t familiar with what Series of Fears is, here’s the concept.  Myself (Jim Bronyaur) and Rebecca Besser have decided to take some strange (and some common) fears and explore them into a new terrifying ways.  We aren’t going to be writing the story of the fear but rather take that fear and find a new way to scare you with it.  Our first book is out, titled Crystallophobia (fear of glass).  Yes, there are people afraid of glass.  If that weren’t scary enough, we wrote a zombie book around it.  Now, how did we pull this off?  Here’s the blurb of the book…
Book #1 – Crystallophobia (fear of glass)

In the small town of Streinersburg, Ohio a normal Tuesday morning begins, but it doesn’t stay that way. As the workers of Walker’s Glass — a struggling factory — settle in to their daily routine, all hell breaks loose when there is an explosion.

Millions of shards of glass are blasted through the factory, cutting and killing all the workers. As help arrives, something terrifying starts happening… The bodies start to come back to life. Soon a horde of zombies ravenous for human flesh are walking the streets of Streinersburg, shimmering in the sunlight as they look for their next meal.

The town must find a way to survive as they all ask the same question: What was in the glass and where did it come from?

We’ve already had one reviewer say she’s afraid of glass after reading the book! 
We have a whole list of fears ranging from fear of beautiful women to fear of electricity, and trust me, we aren’t stopping there.  The Series of Fears has no limits…
To celebrate our release, we’ve decided to open our own fears to you all.  Ready?
From Rebecca Besser:
Failure – I think to some extent everyone is afraid to fail. No one wants to put a bunch of time into something and then have it fall short. Or have to tell people that they didn’t accomplish what they set out to do. But it’s deeper than that for me, I guess. To me, failure is not an option. I push myself to my limits to make things happen, just because I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself to seek personal perfection. I know it’s impossible, but I can’t seem to stop myself, so failing at anything is failing myself.
Powerlessness – How would you like to not be able to control anything that happens or affects you? Scary, huh? The thought of being thrown into a whirlwind of circumstances beyond my control is a mortifying thing, even though I’ve been there before and survived. I don’t want to go back! There’s always new ways to get screwed over too… Imagine getting sick and not being able to do anything about something that could end your life? Or have a natural disaster or accident take everything from you? The possibilities are endless!
Incompetence – This one is a little more complicated, but is somewhat tied to the failure one for me, because being incompetent is failing. I’ve been in many positions in my life where I’ve had to pick up someone’s slack, or fix things they’ve messed up, and eventually it really gets on my nerves. You start dreading anything that has to do with that person. I don’t want to be the person that makes extra work or causes problems for someone else. I don’t want people to dread anything and everything they might have to do around me. So, I guess my fear of incompetence is along the lines of failing and having someone fix my mess, but also creating those hostile feelings in others that would be aimed toward me.
From Jim Bronyaur:
Spiders.  Come on!  8 legs… seriously?  8 legs?  Nobody needs 8 legs… or lots of eyes… or… or… whatever else scares me about spiders.  Strange part of this fear is that the bigger the spider, the less I’m afraid – unless it’s one of those bird eating spiders.  I just don’t like spiders, at all.
Tunnel slides.  Yes, you read that right.  My wife got to experience that fear of mine a month ago at a local park.  I’m sorry, when I look into a slide and it turns and I can’t see daylight, I’m not going in there.  The fear comes with a story… when I was a kid, at a water park, I got stuck for a few seconds in the turn of a slide… scary, man, just scary.
Failure.  This is a serious fear of mine.  It’s a crippling fear and perhaps more of an obsession because my single goal in life to make sure those around me are proud of what I’m doing, what I’ve done, and what I will do.  I’d hate the idea of ever letting my kids down – or my wife – in any way, shape, or form.  But the best part of it all is that I have a family that’s so supportive, they’re proud no matter what I do. 
So how’s that for fears?  Now, after you’re done grabbing a copy of Crystallophobia, come back here and share your fears with myself and Becca.  We’d to love to hear, and maybe even share more of our

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