Folks please check out this auction, it’s for a good cause.  Ronald Kelly is one of the nicest authors out there.  There are some great books on the list.  Please keep checking the link below, as there will be more books added.  

On Saturday April 14th, Ron will begin his Reilly’s Dream horror book auctions on eBay to raise funds for his  daughter Reilly’s People to People Student Ambassador trip to Europe in June.

Some of the most respected authors in the horror genre have donated signed books solely for these special fund-raising auctions. During the past few weeks, we have received dozens of rare and out-of-print books signed by the following folks:

Joe R. Lansdale
Brian Keene
J.F. Gonzalas
Jack Ketchum
Kealan Patrick Burke
William Ollie
Ronald Malfi
Ramsey Campbell
F. Paul Wilson
Michael Knost
Lisa Morton
Ray Garton
James Newman
Brett ,McBean
Maurice Broaddus
Gord Rollo
Bryan Smith
Rick Hautala
T.M. Wright
John R. Little
Jonathan Maberry
Gene O’Neil
Ronald Kelly (me!)
Mark Justice
Scott Nicholson
Nancy A. Collins
Kelli Owen
Nate Southard
Jason Brannon
Keith Minnion

I will begin listing these books on eBay at 6:00 pm Central Time on the 14th. Each auction will have a 7-day time period (to allow folks time to gather funds if necessary). Also, I’ll be adding more books throughout the following week, since I have quite a few donations rolling in from the good folks at Cemetery Dance, Bad Moon Books, Overlook Connection, and Thunderstorm Books.

I’ll post the links to interested bidders on Saturday night. All proceeds from these auctions will go toward Reilly’s airfare, accommodations, meals, etc. while she tours and studies in France, Italy, Switzerland, and Austria for three weeks (and she’s only 14!)

If you’d like to hook up with some awesome books and help a great cause in the process, be sure to check back here tomorrow night for further details.

Many Happy Nightmares!



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