Someone’s In The House by Samuel Bonner

Not all haunting is supernatural…Rita is a teenage mother who has managed to survive everything life has thrown at her. After finally escaping her abusive, drug-addicted boyfriend, Rita thought she’d found reprieve in her new home, away from the beatings and the constant humiliation. But her nightmare was just about to begin. It started with simple intimidations; a bump in the night, strange scrawling on the front door, sinister ornaments left in the garden. At first, she thinks it’s the neighbourhood kids playing tricks on her, but it soon becomes apparent that something is eerily amiss in the area. Raving lunatics scream into the night while fiendish strangers skulk on every street corner, festering within the shadows. Now, something terrible is happening in the house on Elmridge Road. Suddenly, Rita has the horrible feeling that the noises she hears at night may not just be her imagination, that they might actually be footsteps creeping up the stairs. And then there is the shuffling in the attic …Someone’s in the House is a visceral, disturbing and genuinely horrific tale of witchcraft in a depraved corner of London.

For most of my life I have been, well, how can I put it, narrow minded is too strong a decription.  I know what I like and I like what I know.  A cheese sandwich should only have cheddar cheese, and either Branston Pickle, or tomato ketchup on it.  There are only three types of crisps Cheese and Onion, Smoky Bacon, and Pickled Onion.  Now your wondering what has this got to do with Bonner’s book?  Keep reading all will become clear.  In the last few years my stubbornness  to change has slowly and e er so slightly began to be worn away.  Ten years ago if you had told me I would listen to and enjoy Country music I would have slapped you in the face, and this is where Bonner’s book comes into play.

This is the sort of book that a few years ago I probably would have thrown away in disgust.  You see this book deals with some pretty distressing topics, sexual abuse, and  lots of real violence.

So what saved this book from ending up on my book burning pile?  In all honesty, even though the book really did make feel uncomfortable, Bonner’s skilful writing, and  great use of strong characters stopped this book from becoming just another shock horror novel.   Book s of this ilk need strong realistic characters, and Bonner has filled the pages of this novel with loads of strong and realistic characters, that you will end up caring for.  In fact there is a great line of social commentary that runs the length of the novel, this book has not just been written to shock, and believe me it does, this book was written to make the reader think.

This is an extremely distressing novel, not my normal cup of tea (milk and three sugars if you are interested), however it is a novel I am glad I read.

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