I really hate doing this, but if  I don’t I fear I will never break the back of this review pile. So until I catch up, I’m going to be doing these quick multiple book review round ups.  Since these will be short reviews I am going to start a rating system.  I’ll score these books  out of 10, to get inside my head. A score of 6 or more is where I would draw the line at reading a book.


On November 22, 1718, Lt. Robert Maynard of the British Royal Navy defeated and beheaded the infamous pirate, Blackbeard, at Ocracoke Inlet off the coast of North Carolina. Hundreds of years later, it is said that Blackbeard’s spirit haunts the area, searching for his lost head and seeking revenge for his untimely death.

Mike Callahan, a local store owner in Wilmington, North Carolina, has always been a friendly, dependable, family-man. That is, until a fishing trip in the Ocracoke area turns his world upside down.As an unimaginable force moves into the town of Wilmington, Mike’s friends and family witness the downward spiral of a man’s resolve, and scramble to find answers to questions they never thought they’d have to ask. But with time no longer on their side, and devastating events looming on the horizon, can they save Mike from himself or will it take nothing short of divine intervention to rescue Mike from a fate worse than death?

This a fun, possessed by the spirit of a pirate romp, let down slightly by how the spirit is defeated, the perfect read for those missing Jack Sparrow 

7 out of 10 


Nostalgic for the Inquisition and plague, Satan feels neglected by the modern world that no longer cares about heresy or blames him for disease and death. He plans to create a new genesis, a place where people will love him. For that, his son needs just the right soul.
A Satan Carol is a horror story with a message for those who want to understand God’s apparent absence as the intersection of freewill and choice. It is a story with religious themes written for a secular reader. It is, in the end, a tale about family values even if they originate in hell.

This is a thoughtful and thought provoking tale, that manages to deal with the subject matter without ever becoming preachy.  This was a pleasant surprise.  

8 out of 10 


A little girl’s parents are in a great amount of debt and make a decision that will cost their lives when the Debt Collector comes to set his demon loose on those who owe. Now, a four-year-old girl is left to fend for herself against a relentless demonic creature.

This is a well written short novella , that will keep on the edge of your seat for, intense and unrelenting. 

7 out of 10 


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