New Black Static Author is a GP.


Priya Sharma is a new author with few stories under her belt to date so she is delighted that her latest short story will appear in the April issue of Britain’s premier horror fiction magazine; Black Static. An appearance there brings international recognition in horror and dark fantasy fiction. Priya’s inspiration for her story, ‘The Ballad of Boomtown’, stemmed from her reading about Ireland’s huge problem of empty and semi-occupied housing estates following the demise of the ‘Celtic Tiger’. She explores the effects of recession and clashes between modern times and Ireland’s ancient past for a woman left alone in a decaying estate while obsessing over the tragedy that caused her lover to desert her.


Black Static 28 will be in newsagents, and some bookshops, from April 12. So, with that issue, Priya joins the ranks of Black Static authors like Ramsey Campbell, Alison Littlewood, Christopher Fowler, along with others like Conrad Williams and Justina Robson who began their writing careers in its pages or in its predecessor, The Third Alternative Magazine.


Priya was educated at Sandbach High School, Crewe’s South Cheshire College and then gained her medical degree at Liverpool University. Now a GP Priya spends most of her spare time writing. She is making her name internationally via short stories but a historical fantasy novel set in Wales is her newest project. Two of Priya’s stories will be reprinted in year’s best collections where her name will appear alongside the likes of Stephen King and Tim Powers.


Priya Sharma is a General Practitioner who grew up in Sandbach and now lives on the Wirral.


Black Static, a bimonthly magazine of horror and dark fantasy fiction, is renowned as one of Britain’s leading short story showcases and has developed an international reputation with authors and readers. Black Static discoveries tend to go on to a career in writing after youthful or early appearances with short fiction in its pages. Examples from its predecessor are Joe Hill and a generation of British authors, like Joel Lane, Justina Robson, Tim Lebbon and James Miller who are now winning prizes and gaining success beyond the UK and Black Static. Overseas authors like Aliette de Bodard and Melanie Fazi, both French, have gained English Language recognition though publication in the magazine.
Black Static’s stories are often selected for ‘year’s best’ anthologies.
Black Static’s history goes back to 1990 as The Third Alternative Magazine but now, renamed, is Black Static since 2007. It contains fiction, reviews, news and interviews.  Both writers and artists have begun their careers in its pages or on its covers. The publisher, TTA Press, of Ely, Cambs., have two other publications – ‘Interzone’ and ‘Crimewave’. These are also available by subscription or from newsagents and specialist bookshops. Interzone is sold at more newsagents than Black Static. Both cost £3.95 and a 6-issue subscription costs £21.

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