Zombies: Why I Dig the Undead! A Guest Post by Julianne Snow

Hello folks, today The Ginger Nuts of Horror is proud to be part of Julianne Snow’s Blog Tour.   The first part of which is this guest post by Julianne. 

Zombies: Why I Dig the Undead!

Many people don’t care for Zombies and I can understand that opinion in some cases. Many think that the genre has been overdone. The fact of the matter is there has been such an evolution in the genre as of late that there are some new and fresh perspectives that breathe new life into the Undead.
Let me go back to my first experience with the Undead. I was six years old and that takes us all the way back to 1984. I turned on our family television to find something to watch; it was one of those days that I was at home from school with a cold. I probably should have been in bed resting but sometimes vegging out in front of the television is highly warranted. What I found on the screen held my attention rapt for the entirety of it. Before my eyes was George A. Romero’s 1968 black and white Night of the Living Dead. It was my first introduction to the idea of the Zombie and it was amazing. There were scenes that scared me (the My Little Pony comforter from my bed acting as a shield for my eyes) but more often than not, I found myself getting engrossed in the story. Even at six, I was hooked.
Not like it was a hard sell. I had been a horror junkie since the moment that my parents accidentally introduced me to Alien at the age of four. Let’s just say that my education in horror started young…
You should all bear in mind that my exposure to horror was somewhat limited for most of my younger years. I had access to my eldest brother’s Stephen King novels for a period of time and my mother’s medical thrillers penned by Robin Cook, but that was about it until I got my first library card at the age of nine.
Oh, the freedom of a library card to call my own! If you could get your hands on the records of what I borrowed from that library, you might be surprised (though it might be hard because the borrowing system wasn’t computerized at the time and all we had was that silly little card in the envelope where the librarian stamped a date and you wrote your own name). It amazes me really at how far the world of library administration has come. What that little card did was to open up a world of literature I hadn’t had access to before.
At first I had to sign out the same normal books the normal kids were reading. However, I admit that once in a while I would sneak in something a little more mature. My first act of literary espionage was H.P. Lovecraft’s Herbert West – Reanimator. Well technically it was a collection of Lovecraft’s short stories but the name of the tome escapes me now. I read it from cover to cover but the story that stuck with me the most was Herbert West – Reanimator. I digress but notice the subtle use of Zombie lit there.
The Zombie genre as a whole opened up new doors within my imagination. Once I started to read about them and saw more movies that contained all of their gory, flesh eating goodness, there really was no turning back. You may wonder why they still appeal to me so much – the answer is simple. Zombies are the direct antithesis of ourselves. That’s right, they represent all that is bad about our species. It’s definitely a trumped up view of ourselves but that is what makes it so compelling. You can look into the face a Zombie and what is it that you see? A reflection of humanity just on the other side of death; it’s not completely dead but there is no saving it. As a monster, that makes them utterly terrifying; more terrifying than vampires and werewolves and all of the other supernatural creatures that skulk the pages of literature these days.
Some of you might have chuckled at that and that’s okay, it’s your right to do so. Zombies might not tip the scales of terror for you. Heck, even I find some of the current offerings cheesy but that just makes me love them all the more. They have so many façades, just like the rest of humanity. See how the mirroring effect works there? Just thought I’d point it out in case you missed it.
My love for the genre is deep and it’s not bound to dry up anytime soon, I assure you. Sure, I like other monsters but none of them evoke as passionate a response as the humble, shambling Zombie. I would say “Rest in Peace” but that’s just not the Zombie way.

You can find out more about Julianne by following the link to her blog below

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