Lee Thompson’s Collected Songs of Sonnelion: The Serial Web Novel

 I love a freebie, especially when it lets me try out an author that I have never read before, and when that author is as good a Lee Thompson, it’s even better.  I’ve been seeing Lee’s name mentioned where ever great writing is being talked about for a while now, championed by some of the genres great and good.  Going by what I have read so far of this free serialised novel, he really does live up to all that praise

DarkFuse has contracted its first serial novel, exclusively published on the web and sponsored by the Delirium Book Club.  Thanks to this sponsorship, it is available free to the public, but they would appreciate those who take advantage of reading it to either become a member of the Delirium Book Club, or help spread the word about the serial novel and/or book club on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, newsletter or website.

The growth of the book club will lead to more free serials made available for all to enjoy!

The Collected Songs of Sonnelion is being written now by author Lee Thompson.  You will be reading each new chapter as soon as it is created.  Each week, Lee will turn in a new chapter and you can expect new chapters to be posted weekly by Friday at noon EST.  Please sign up for the DarkFuse newsletter to get updates or any notifications of delays.

Currently, there are no other editions planned beyond this free web novel, so please take advantage of reading it now, as it will only be available to read during the period that the novel is being written plus a few weeks after it has been completed.  After that, it will be removed.  Why are they limiting the time of publication? Because this publishing experiment is meant to be read to coincide with the author’s creative process.  You get to read all the new chapters as soon as the author writes them.  So any new plot twists or character developments occur quickly from the author’s mind to your reading experience. DarkFuse editors will be performing read-throughs to clean up any simple typos or issues to improve your reading experience.


Lee Thompson started selling work in early 2010. His novel NURSERY RHYMES 4 DEAD CHILDREN, and his novella IRON BUTTERFLIES RUST, are being released in 2011 by Delirium Books. You can find his short stories in Dark Discoveries, Darkside Digital, Sideshow Press, Shock Totem, Apex’s Zombie Feed anthology, Tasmaniac Publications, and other neat places. He’s worked a lot, sweated a lot, and continues to take up space the best he can. The best place to keep track of what he’s up to is his blog:

“Lee Thompson knows his horror-noir. He fuses both genres together in the turmoil of terror, tragedy, blood, guilt, and lost chances at redemption.”

–Tom Piccirilli, author of THE LAST KIND WORDS


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