Were-wolves, Apocalypses, and Genetic Mutation, Oh My!

In the opening story Welcome to the Future, a teenager feels he has no place in life. His parents and school principal agree. He crosses paths with a doctor who has stolen the DNA of some of the smartest people both dead and alive, and injects it into the brain of the willing teenager with disastrous results
In The Moonlight Killer, a man takes a shortcut home only to find himself attacked by a wolf. In a drunken stupor he decides to bite the wolf back and sets in motion a whole new mythology.
Finally, B.I.T.E. is the story of a dysfunctional family as they try to fend off the impending apocalypse. They fight giant decayed squirrels, cobra sized men, and randomly assembled body parts, bickering the whole way to the end of the world.

It wasn’t until I had finished reading this book, and went to Amazon to get the purchasing links for this book, that I realised this was another Dark Continents Publishing release.   Not that I was surprised so far DCP have hit a home run with every book I have read from them.  The guys and gals over there really know their stuff.

With a title like that I  it was a given that I would agree to read this book, what’s not to like about Werewolves, Apocalypses,and genetic mutations, hey I’m a genetic mutation.  And no it’s not the ginger hair that makes me a mutant, Lovell.  It’s my webbed feet!  Too much information I know.

You already know that I really enjoyed this book, so what about the individual stories

Welcome To The Future, is probably my favourite of the three stories,  A Flowers For Algernon for a new generation is what I thought of this story when I read it.  The story is packed with lots of thought provoking , and what if ideas.  Highly enjoyable.

The Moonlight Killer is a nice twist on the werewolf genre.  Where the werewolf still keeps his humanity when the change comes about.  This was a nice twist and helped to add an emotional depth sometimes found lacking in werewolf stories?

And then we come to B.I.T.E, you all know my utter distaste for bizzarro, ( I hate it so much i won’t even do it the service of finding out if I have spelled it correctly).  There may be a lot of folk out there who want to class this as bizzarro, personally I wouldn’t do this wild and wacky story that disservice.  Yes it has a giant zombie squirrel, yes it it has then protagonists fighting randomly assembled body parts, but what it doesn’t have is it’s head up it’s arse, thinking it is the cool kid in class.   Sorry folks i need to chill out and take deep breaths.    I liked this story I would class it more as surreal horror.

This is a great collection of short stories that takes a chance and tries to do something different with some well worn tropes.  I say give it whirl, you’ll be entertained


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