As you all know, I’m not a big fan of extreme horror.  I mainly  read horror for escapism, and a thrill ride.  You say I like  horror that is like myself, big, dumb, and devilishly handsome.

Dan Russell is one of those authors who has always skirted the boundaries of what I think is too extreme.  He is an author who has’t failed to entertain me with his writing. I first came across his writing with his novel Samhane.  Samhane was a very good book, there is a review one here somewhere.  I would link to it, however it was one of the very first reviews I ever wrote, and it makes me cringe when I read it.

It was so good, that it cemented a must buy Dan’s books when they come out clause in my brain.  So all these years later, Come Into Darkness, finds its way to the top of my review pile, and thankfully Dan doesn’t disappoint.  This is a very good book, even if i have a few minor quibbles with it.

My first quibble is this one scene that, for my taste, goes over the boundary of what I consider to be too extreme.  However, even though I didn’t enjoy reading this scene, it is testament to Dan’s ability to tell a good story, that I kept on reading.  That and the fact I really had to find out what the secret of Metus  House was.  My second quibble is the very last sentence, personally I think the book would have been stronger without it.  I remember writing a story for my  Higher English, about a man terrorised by a killer gorilla in a suit.  And I used the same ending.  My English teacher tore me a new one for using it.  So I always dislike it when I see an author using it.

Aside from these points, this is a strong book.   Dan manages to keep the narrative of the story rolling along, whilst at the same time, keeping it full of tension terror, suspense and mystery.  You will spend a lot of your time reading this book on the edge of your seat, and the rest of the time, trying to figure out what exactly is the secret to Matus House.

I won’t say anything about the secret of Matus House, except, that Dan has come up with a first twist on haunted House type novel.

As for the main characters in the book, I ended up really disliking  the two “heroes” if you want to call them that, you’d be pushing it as they are both rather unpleasant.  I always think that when an author makes the protagonists of a novel unpleasant, they make it harder or themselves to make the reader engage with the story.  And again, it’s thanks to the strong writing that you do end up engaging with them, you may not want them to be saved, but you will care about what happens to them.

even though this book pushed the boundaries, i have no qualms about recommending it.  Dan is a great writer and this is a perfect book to acquaint yourself with his writing


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