The Joy of Technology by Roy Gray

Before I go in to the review of this chapbook, I must say, if you are at all a prudish, then this book isn’t for you.  The author Roy Gray, pretty much says the same thing in the forward of the book.

So when faced with this I was at a bit of a quandary, you see, I really am not a fan of sex scenes in a book, they make me a bit uncomfortable.   You must all remember that feeling you got, when the you were watching a film with your mother, and up pops the sex scene.  You sat there  squirming, not wanting to stare at the screen, but also not really wanting to miss the good bits.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not some stuffy prudish old fuddy duddy, just check out my Google history.  It’s just something I don’t like reading, I can’t fully explain, it’s some irrational thought process I can’t control.

So it came as a big surprise that I really enjoyed this coming of age story, about a man and his son, and the fun time they had on their trip to a football match in Germany. Where our two protagonists venture into a sleazy strip club, where the Johns, can have their johnsons wired up to a new form of electronic stimulation.   To be honest, the sex scenes in the book aren’t that graphic, Roy Gray, does a good job of leading you to the acts in question, but never fully showing them.

The Joy of Technology is a fun read despite, what I thought the message of the book was.  I maybe wrong, but the emotional journey of a teenage boy from a wild eyed youth, to an uncaring teenager who views women as mere objects is a depressing one.  It’s a journey that Roy handles well, however it does feel a bit rushed towards the end, and I would have liked a bit more expansion on the story thread of purchasing an illegal knife. Overall this was a good read

The future is bright and the future is Prap



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