Within The Walls (Part 1) Jim Bronyaur

Owen Baredi grew up under the scrutiny of his overbearing father. So he lived his life to please him. However, when Owen Baredi loses his job he can’t stand to hear the criticism. So Claire, Owen’s loving wife, decides that a fixer-upper house hours away is exactly what their family needs. After a chat with an overly enthusiastic realtor, the family packs their belongings headed for Reignsville to begin their new, simple life.

The house is beautiful, secluded, and has more than enough space for their two children, Rob and Ella. There are plenty of repairs to be done, and with Owen out of work, now is the perfect time to start. However, when Owen covers up the crack in the living room wall they all begin to experience horrific situations.

Soon Claire discovers there is a history to the house, and that the crack in the wall is more than just a crack. There is something within the walls of the house… Claire must find a way to save her family before the haunted secrets of the house hurt them… or worse.

Living at 223 Crandall Drive means living far beyond the scope of reality…



Visit www.JimBronyaur.com for more information or follow Jim on Twitter @JimBronyaur


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