Brian Keene News

For those of who not familiar  with Brian’s work, shame on you, Brian gave the zombie genre a kick up the backside many years ago.  As well as this Brian has been one of the most open authors out there, and one of those guys who has given a hell of a lot back  to his fans over the years.  From the Christmas give aways on his now defunct message board. Hell I even won a couple of signed ARC, free serialized sequel to The Conqueror Worms, which some eejit decided to pirate and give away.  To helping and supporting a hell of a lot of new and upcoming authors.

Brian has decided not to do another free novel, but he has come up with an idea to give something else back to his fans.  Here is his post from his website.  

A few years ago, when the economy began to go south, I began posting a free, serialized novel called Deluge here on this site. Last year, when Deluge was completed, I removed it from the site so that I could re-write and edit it for book publication (which will be later this year). For a while, I considered doing a second serial called Dead Air. However, I ultimately decided against it, due to online piracy of Deluge, the realization that Dead Air might be better suited at novella length, and concerns about avoiding some of the delays that Deluge suffered periodically. But I told you I’d come up with a new freebie. And I also told you to subscribe to my YouTube Channel, because I was going to be utilizing it a lot more in 2012.

And here is why. It occurs to me that many of you might never be able to attend a signing or convention, and thus, never get to attend a reading. Therefore, all throughout 2012, I’ll be posting readings of my work (and other assorted videos) on YouTube. For you. For free. We begin with “Fast Zombies Suck”. I hope you enjoy it, and thank you all for your continued support.

 I recommend you check it folks, even if it’s just to check out how to pronounce Nate Southards last name properly.


Brian has also announced that the audiobook of Kill Whitey is now up for pre-ordered.  This is in my opinion one of Brian’s best novels.

In the Russian criminal underworld there is a man named Whitey. He is unstoppable and always gets what he wants. Some say he can’t be hurt. Some say he can’t be killed. Larry Gidson is about to find out. He is a dock worker on the run with Sondra Belov, a beautiful stripper. Whitey wants Sondra and he will torture and kill to get her. Larry, his friends, and even his cat will never be safe unless they give him Sondra – or they kill Whitey. From horror master, Brian Keene, comes a crime adventure filled with sex, gore, and guns.

You can pre-order it by clicking the link below



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