Hungry For You by A.M. Harte

Damn you zombies, I keep coming back to you.  I really don’t like you.  That’s the thing with having nine days off from work, and not really needing any sleep.  You start to whittle down the review pile, and you pick up books, that while you haven’t forgotten about you may have forgotten what they were about.  Hungry for you is a collection of  zombie based short stories and poetry.  WAIT don’t go running.  Where this book differs to most other shambler novels is that it explores the themes of love, relationships, and death.

As always, I skipped over the poems, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I don’t do poems, dirty limericks yes, but not poetry.  My English teacher couldn’t get me to read poems, so there is no chance any of you out there will get me to read them.

So taking away the poems what are we left with.  We are left with a pretty decent bunch of short stories.  Yes some of them could have done with being a bit more fleshed out.  Personally i also thought some of the stories where trying too hard to do something different with the zombie genre.  However, as someone who is well past being jaded with the genre I have to applaud her attempt to try something new.

Overall this is a decent collection, that I think would appeal more to the female end of the horror spectrum.


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