Right folks I don’t normally do things like this.  However I have been witness to a number of incidents over the last few days.  Before I go any further, this is just my opinion, and there will be a lot of folks out there saying to themselves

“Who  the hell is this guy?  “
“Who does he think he is?”.  
In the grand scheme of things I’m nobody, I know my place in the world, and therein lies my problem.  I’m fully aware of all my pitfalls and failings, I don’t go whinny like a spoilt brat to the internet community about why I don’t get 2,000,000 hits a day here.  I don’t then blame this on you folks just not getting my content, because it’s  it’s too Gingery for normal folks.  I don’t start ranting and raving on a forum, just because someone doesn’t agree with what I’m saying.  Although one of these meltdowns centred on the idiot in question not being able to understand that the person was actually agreeing with their point.  
A small piece of advice to those of you out there who are just starting on her writing path, the internet is a very, very small place.  So when you start greeting your eyes out about why won’t people publish me?  It must be I’m too extreme, they can’t handle it.  Stop, just STOP.  Step back and actually look at your writing.  Could it be that your writing sucks?  Could it be that you lack the basic skills of sentence structure, grammar and spelling?
(and before anyone says, who am I to  comment on anyones spelling, grammar etc.  I know I’m far from perfect, difference is I’m know it and don’t ignore it)
Could it also be that you are acting like a first class douchebag?  Most of us on these forums are adults, we stopped being impressed by someone acting bad ass, when we stopped watching Playschool. You may say it’s your writer persona, and you are not really like that, well maybe you should take the writer out and shoot him.  He is not doing you any favours.   These are the reasons no one wants to publish you, the horror small press is a very small pond, word gets around.  
Being civil, polite and mindful of others goes a long way in the business.  You find that if you are a decent person, more doors will open.  I’ll take a risk here and speak for the bogging community, we are swamped with books to review, and I bet the vast majority of us will delete any request from “authors” who act in any way or form like those talked about above.  

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