Oddfellows Serenade by Bob Freeman and Chris Wilson

This is a first for me reviewing a comic book. I used to be a big comic book collector, but gave up around 20 years ago, when all these multi comic multi – part crossover stories got so convoluted, you need wheelbarrow to take them home from the comic shop.

So why did I pick up this comic, truthfully it’s because Bob Freeman, wrote it.  I am a big fan of Bob,  his excellent Werewolves verses Vampires Cairnwood  Saga, was a joy to read.  Bob is one of these writers who believes as I do that, the heart of a good book, is a bloody good story.  No amount of fancy writing can make up for a poor central idea.    Bob’s manic, bordering on the obsessive, level of research that h does for each book is fascinating.  It adds a great deal of depth and added reality to his tales.

In Oddfellows Serenade,the story of Occult Detective Landon Connors, is given a well deserved insight into his back story.  Faced with the ghosts of his monster hunting past, Connors must find a way to lay these spirits to eternal rest.  In doing so Freeman, takes us back to a youthful Connors, who is still coming to terms with the death of his father, who was killed by a demon.  Connors comes to realise that he needs help to lay these ghosts to rest, so he turns to The Nightstakers, who are also ghost hunters for help.

As usual, Bob delivers a top notch story, that is both a gripping tale and multi layered story that packs a hell of a lot into the pages.  Chris Wilson’s, black and white drawings serve the story well, adding an extra layer of tension.  All in all this is a great read, I highly recommend that you give this a whirl, and while you are at get a copy of Bob’s novel Descendant, for the continuing adventures of Landon Connors 

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