Containment Room 7 By Bryan Hall

In a far corner of space, orbiting a massive black hole, the research ship DARC12 discovers a strange asteroid—one that seems to be … alive. After loading the rock onboard for study, the ship quickly descends into madness.

It begins with voices, whispers filling the shadows and the minds of the crew. A once sane man declares that their discovery is not just a rock, but a god. Then the killing begins, and a cult rises swearing allegiance to their newfound deity.

As the murders mount and the dead themselves begin to rise, a small group of survivors cling to the hope that they can somehow escape the hell they’ve been plunged into. But their problems mount as they face an army of undead crewmembers, the reanimated corpses of hundreds of failed genetic experiments, the murderous cult, and—worst of all—the rapidly evolving creature in containment room 7.

“Hey Hollywood, listen up! You have got to make a movie out of this book. [It] is one of the scariest zombie tales I’ve ever read. In fact, I think I would rather eat broken glass than fight the kind of nightmares Bryan Hall puts down on the page. This guy is scary good.”–Joe McKinney, author of APOCALYPSE OF THE DEAD and FLESH EATERS
“Dark, fast and fun … a compelling read.”–Nate Kenyon, award-winning author of SPARROW ROCK and STARCRAFT GHOST: SPECTRES

“A brutal genre-bending debut, Bryan Hall gives us a gripping sci-fi/zombie story permeated with a horror master’s sense of scene and scares.”–Jonathan Moon, author of HEINOUS

I’m beginning to sound like a broken record, but folks this is the last time I’ll be reviewing a zombie book for a long time.  It’s not that there are no decent zombie books out there, it’s just the signal to noise ration is terrible.  The zombie genre seems to be the genre of choice, for every person out there who thinks they can write  horror novel.  I don’t want to seem cruel, but just because you can write, doesn’t really mean you should.    Thankfully Containment Room 7 leaves a glimmer of hope in my rapidly growing hatred of this horror sub genre. 

This is a well written fast paced novel, that at leasts tries to do something different with the genre.  The addition of a Science Fiction twist, is a welcome change to the end of the world earth based zombie novels.   As does the source and the cause of zombie infection, these zombies have a sort of hive mind, controlled by the “Great One”.  For my personal taste if this idea was pushed just up a notch, and the zombie angle was pushed out I think this could have been a real killer of a novel.  The central idea is great, but I think the zombification of the infected is  sign of an author who needs more confidence in his ideas and writing.  Another plus point of the story is the fact that this is no Star Wars, the crew don’t have access to blasters, lasers, plasma cannons, or a BFG.   They are lightly armed, and this adds to the tension, as does the setting on the Space Station.  The book could have done with a bit more fleshing out of it’s cast and crew, at times it felt as though the crew where just ciphers rather than fully fleshed out characters.   The fast paced, action packed and well described plot, help to lift this novel from  being just another zombie, to a decent read. 

All in all this is a really good book hiding behind the smelly corpse of the zombie genre, if you are a fan of zombie fiction then you’ll love this book, if your not I still think you will get a kick out of it. 

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