“Four thrilling, disturbing novellas by Randy Chandler, Gregory L. Norris, Ryan C. Thomas, and David T. Wilbanks. An unfortunate prostitute joins a freak show to get away from her sordid past only to find that death follows her everywhere. A cooking show host is targeted by a jealous chef who wields a sharp blade and a supernatural grudge. A family man is given a choice by a deadly stranger to decide between love or survival. A former lover enlists the help of a shaman to find his kidnapped girlfriend in a land of mystical demons and gods.”

“This book doesn’t mess around. It pulls you screaming into the darkness and keeps you there!” -Eric S. Brown, author of Bigfoot War

 Prior to reading this I had only read two of the four authors in this anthology.What I had read of   David T Wilbanks and Randy Chandler was enough to secure my interest in this book.  I’m a big fan of their writing and by gambling rules Malcontents would at least be an evens Stevens of a book.  

Randy Chandler kicks off with Howler, and as usual Chandler doesn’t disappoint with his strange  historical tale about a love affair between a hairy prostitute, and a thing in a jar.

Next up is The Mushroom, by Gregory L. Norris, in which a housewife attacks a celebrity chef,  haven’t we all wanted to do that.  I’m looking at you Ainsley Harriot.  Based on this story Gregory is an author Iwill be seeking out, once I’ve broken the back of  my review pile.

Ryan C. Thomas does a really good job, in making an old premise, fresh and entertaining.  His story Choose, see a computer repair man running from a nut case who is threatening to kill his wife and daughter unless he kills on of them himself.

David T. Wilbanks, rounds of the anthology, with The Outsider Trio. Again the premise of the story may be familair to many, but David is such a good writer that he could rewrite the telephone directory and make it seem original.  A man hunts for his wife who has been kidnapped by occultists may be old hat, this this is a hat that is fine enough to wear with your best suit.

This is a highly entertaining anthology from four damn fine authors.  

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