Need Your Help

Right before I go any further, the following plea for help, may actually have been a dream that I had.  I have a lot of dreams like this.

Here goes, I have this memory of a TV programme, or maybe a film that I saw on TV.  I can’t remember much about it.  I saw it in the  late 70’s or early 80’s.  All I can remember is this one scene, and to be honest it could well be two different programmes.  This has bugged me for years.

A man gets attacked by his hoover, he defeats it and goes out into his garden.  Where he finds a sort of human / plant hybrid in a plant pot, I think.  He then kills it with a spade or a big garden fork.

So there you go folks I know it is a long shot.  However I recently discovered that one of my dream / memories of TV was in fact H R Puffinstuff, where my only memory was a witch on a bed frame and a talking flute 


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