Great news folks, the wonderfully talented Cate Gardner has popped by to do a guest post.  As you may know Cate featured prominently in my end of year lists.  She was one of my discoveries of the year, and her novella was firmly placed in my favourite reads of the year

“The Travelling TheatricalTour: From a Single Thing”
A gazillion thanks to Jim for inviting me onto his Ginger Nuts blog tocelebrate the release of my novella Theatreof Curious Acts. Before we start, does anyone know where the biscuits are?Hey, who groaned at the back?
A Myriad of Ideas from a SingleThing…
We all interpret the world in different ways. The way we shape ideas orread stories is often coloured by our own experiences. Themed anthologies areperfect examples of that. An editor can request stories on the tightest ofideas – about things living in ice, about things dying in the sky, aboutcrooked men with walking sticks – and they’ll get a wealth of differentstories, different ideas. Of course, I don’t read for a magazine so an experiencedslush reader might tell you they get a multitude of identical stories. As Ionly read the end product, I shall ignore that possible fact.
And the above, is why I never worry about posting story ingredients onmy blog.
When I’m writing a story I often post a Work in Progess blog post andwill happily tell the world that I’m writing an awesome story about zeppelins,pencil sharpeners, and the entire cast of The Breakfast Club. I never worrythat someone will come along and think, ‘Ooh, I’ve always wanted to write astory about pencil sharpeners raining from a zeppelin and scalping TheBreakfast Club cast’ because my story wouldn’t be about that. Mine would beabout pencil sharpeners and zeppelins doing other things and I’d never harmEmilio Estevez.
Rather than worrying about someone stealing my super-awesomeingredients (because they always are super-awesome, of course), I hope thatsomething I say or list sparks another writer’s or artist’s imagination. It’slike spreading magic. It also means that one day I may get to read anextraordinary story because I wrote the words ‘luminous pink disco pants’ on myblog.
And as to the purpose of this travelling theatrical blog tour, myrecently published novella, Theatre of Curious Acts, was built from anothernovella that I read about Great War soldiers (thanks, Mike). It inspired me towrite a story involving some soldiers of my own. And no, our tales are not atall alike.
So what are some ingredients from Theatreof Curious Acts: zeppelins, the four horsewomen of the apocalypse, a pirateship, drowned angels and a paper dragon, but no pencil sharpeners. Theatre is available from all goodonline bookstores. You can find more information at

Thanks Cate, just remember the door is always open for you here at Ginger Nut Central

Folks Here are a couple of links to Cate’s Amazon Pages.  I really do recommend you get a comfy chair and acquaint yourselves with her work, she really is that talented



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