The Official Zombie Handbook by Sean T Page

Well folks this may well be the last zombie book I review.  The genre has become much like the zombies themselves a bloated, stinking festering pile of  rotting flesh.  99% of the books that I decide not to review after reading them, are zombie books.    It seems that every man and their dog thinks they can write a zombie novel. In a lot of these cases they should have got the dog to write the novel, their cat to edit it, and the goldfish to design the cover.
 But hey lets not dwell on the negative.  I want to go out on a high note, which brings me to Sean T Page’s The Official Zombie Handbook.  I interviewed Sean a while back, and like the sound of this how to book.  Some quarters have compared the book to Max Brook’s books, but I have never read, so I can’t compare it to them.  
What we have here is a well thought out, highly researched  and detailed how to survive a zombie outbreak. TOZH, has been written with a UK slant, so unlike our American cousins, who have ready access to all sort of firearms, the problems faced by us Brits are bit more intense.  
Sean, leads us by the hand in a comprehensive survival guide.  From how to identify an outbreak, the definitions of a zombie, how to barricade your home, and what weapons to use.  

His 90 day survival plan is a must read.  This is an engrossing  read, that manages to entertain and inform at the same time.  With the predicted apocalypse fast approaching, this book may very well become a required read for us Brits.  I’m prepared are you?   And no don’t even think about trying to hitch in with me, my cellar is loaded with food, and I am armed to the teeth. 

I had a blast reading this and I  think you will as well 

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