The Lamplighters By Frazer Lee

“Life on Meditrine Island is luxurious…but brief.

Marla Neuborn has found the best post-grad job in the world – as a ‘Lamplighter’ working on Meditrine Island, an exclusive idyllic paradise owned and operated by a consortium of billionaires. All Lamplighters have to do is tend to the mansions, cook and clean, and turn on lights to make it appear the owners are home. But the job comes with conditions. Marla will not know the exact location of the island, and she will have no contact with the outside world for the duration of her stay.

Once on the island, Marla quickly learns the billionaire lifestyle is not all it is made out to be. The chief of security rules Meditrine with an iron fist. His private police force patrols the shores night and day, and CCTV cameras watch the Lamplighters relentlessly. Soon Marla will also discover first-hand that the island hides a terrible secret. She’ll meet the resident known as the Skin Mechanic. And she’ll find out why so few Lamplighters ever leave the island alive.”

The Lamplighters is the début novel by Fraser Lee which is part of  Samhain Publishing‘s new horror range. Fraser’s book was among the first wave of releases, which sees  it sharing shelf space with the likes of Ramsay Campbell. Ronald Malfi. So how does Lamplighters stand up to these two giants of the genre? Honestly it stands up very well.

The Lamplighters is a fast-paced, tense and enjoyable read. You can tell that Frazer Lee comes from a cinematic background. The book reads like and is crying out for a Hollywood blockbuster

Remember in the 1980s when Dean Koontz wrote thrilling fast paced horror novels like The Bad Place, and Watchers, well this book reminds me of those. I know some people will look back at those books and shake there their heads, but you know what? I loved Koontz in the 80’s.

Anyways lets get back to this book. Frazer Lee uses the setting on an isolated island very well, it creates a tense, claustrophobic atmosphere that builds and builds.

He has also populated the book with many strong, flawed but and believable characters. Each character stands out, from the headstrong Marla Neuborn, to the tragic Vincent the islands lighthouse keeper. 

Which brings us to the Skin Mechanic, Frazer Lee has created a truly chilling creation, that will walk your nightmares for weeks to come, with the noise of his greatcoat of human flesh flapping in your ears.  the Skin Mechanic was a refreshing change from  the tired overused villains that seem to populate many of today’s horror novels.  This is no mere cipher, The Skin Mechanic is fully rationalised, fleshed out character. 

The Lamplighters is a very good book indeed, that should appeal; to wide range of horror fans.  If The Lamplighters is indicative of what’s to come in 2012, then this is looking up to be another bumper year of reading.  



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