This is a short list that to pay thanks to people who I think have given an important service to the genre.  Not necessarily authors, but people who I respect and who I feel have breathed life into the genre this year.   Thanks guys

What Jonny doesn’t know about the genre isn’t worth knowing.  His love of The Pan Book of Horrors gave rise to his anthology Back From The Dead, to his biography of Herbert Van Thal.  Johnny show a love a passion for the genre that many can only dream off.  As well as running Noose and Gibbet Press, he is also a bloody good auhor.

In an age where everyone and their dog is setting up a publishing company it’s great to see the folks at DCP, have got the right idea.  It’s a simple idea, publish bloody brilliant stories by a collection of great authors.  Trust me folks pick anyone of their books at random, and you’ll have a great read in your hands. 

In the dawning of a new era, where digital book look set to take over.  It’s publishers such as Tartarus, that will ensure, the physical book will never die out.  They produce some of the finest looking books out there.   

Finally another publisher whose passion and love for the genre can be seen in the quality of his books.  The Spectral Press Chapbook imprint has been brilliant.  Simon has collected a stellar cast of authors and combined with top notch production values has created an imprint that will sit proudly on your shelf. 
There you go folks I’ve got one more best of 2011 to go My Blogs Of The Year. Stay tuned 

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