This is the final round up of the year.  This is a list if all my favourite blogs, they all have a bookmark on my bookmark bar.  They are all run by people who I look up to in terms of blogging. 
So in no particular order 
This is a great review and interview site, and guess what she likes a lot of the books I like.  
I can’t have a round up of my favourite blogs without giving a shout out to my Canadian Brother Andrew Leonard.  Andrew has the same sort of passion for the genre as I do.  Although why he shaved his beard off I’l never know 

This is a brilliant site run my Michael Wilson, who has assembled an awesome team of feature writers.  That brings top quality professional quality articles right to your PC

Will Errickson, has created an encyclopaedia of horror fiction from the grand old days.  Just a quick browse of his site will bring back memories of old, when foil embossed and terrible covers ruled the horror shelves. 

When I talk about bloggers who are more knowledgeable, and more eloquent than me, this is the sort of blogger I am talking about.  I’ve been following Colin for years and when he talked about closing the site down, I almost got on a bus and did an Annie Wilkes on him 

This is another one of those sites written by someone whose level of knowledge, critical ability and   writing skill I really look up to.  I just wish he would post more more 
Is another great blog, whose opinions I value highly 
Gone but not forgotten, is Doc Horror, New Zealand’s finest horror blogger decided to cal it a day this year.  Good bye Doc you’re sorely missed

Keep checking in I’ll post my final 8 books of the year over the course of the next week. 


4 thoughts on “BLOGS OF THE YEAR 2011

  1. Thanks for the mention! So kind of you, sir! And just for the record, I enjoy frequenting your blog, as well, particularly for your interviews 🙂 And yes, odd that Man Eating Bookworm would shave off his beard lol The story about Colin and the Black Abyss is too funny 😉 I also love Will's site, and have almost never heard of the stuff he recommends, so I always find new stuff to read ;-)Darkeva

  2. Thanks Jim, although knowledgeable and eloquent..I think you may have got the wrong Black Abyss. Oh and the knees are healing up nicely thanks, the doc says I might be able to walk in a couple of years 🙂

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