Before I list my top ten books of the year, I’m going to do this companion piece.  Now some of these authors are not new in fact most of them have probably been known to the unwashed masses for some time, but hey I’ve claimed to be hip and current.

I’ve read of new authors new to me this year, there have been some great discoveries, some not so great and some really terrible ones.  So here we go, in no particular order.

1.  John Hornor Jacobs

John’s debut novel Southern Gods was a joy to read, mixing Lovecraftian themes with the blues, how could I not put John on the list.  
2. Cate Gardner 
I’ve read two piees by Cate this year, Nowhere Hall published by Spectral Press, and The Theatre of Curious Acts.  Both of these blew me away.  Cate is a first class author, who writes thought provoking lyrical supernatural tales. 
3. Graeme Reynolds 
Graeme’s High Moor, was this years roller coaster thrill ride novel. A brilliant werewolf novel, that  tears along at a breakneck pace. His depictions of life in 1986 added a welcome depth to the book, and if you’re of a similar age as myself you’ll raise a smile at soem of the great references. 
4.  Frazer Lee. 
Frazer’s novel The Lamplighters was part of Samhaine Publishing’s debut line, this tale of isolated terror on an Island, deserved to be part of a line up that such genre giants as Ramsay Campbell, and Greg Gifune 
5.  Ian Rogers

I bought three of Ian’s chapbooks  based on the cover of The Black Eyed Kids alone.  Yeah I know risky way of doing things.  But the risk paid off.  These three tales featuring private eye Felix Renn. who lives world where the supernatural exists were a joy to read.  The three short tales are bigger in scope than their length would have you believing. 
6. Paul D Brazill

Everyone one has heard of Paul, long before I did.  But better late than never to the party right?  This year, Paul’s Drunk On The Moon, and Brit Grit really impressed me.  Paul is the master of the quick snappy tale.  These tales, are gritty, punchy with a nice twist of twisted humour. 
7. G.R. Yeats (AKA Greg James)

Greg has created two brilliant well thought out, intelligent and really enjoyable novels, they form the first part in his Velata cycle.  Full of brilliant imagery often involving rats and maggots.  These books are full of great horror. 
8.  Adam Pepper

Adam’s novel Symphony of Blood, admirably showed that great writing can make a novel stand head and shoulders above an overcrowded market.  Adam’s book is a prime example of great urban fantasy. 
9. Jasper Bark

I never thought I would have an author on this list based on the strength of their zombie novel, however Jasper like many of the authors on here has taken a tired and over used genre, and breathed new life in it.  Jaspers Way of The Barefoot Zombie, is a welcome change to typical zombie novel. 
10.  Frank Duffy 
Frank’s novella Mountains of Smoke,  is an emotionally charged beautifully written work, that showcases a  writer of immense talent 

So there you go folks who were you favourite discoveries of the year.  

13 thoughts on “TOP TEN DISCOVERIES OF 2011

  1. I would definetly recommend 'The Well' by Peter Labrow. It is an absolutely brilliant book. As I was reading this novel, I could picture the images in my head, it had that much of an impact on me. It certainly makes for very addictive reading.This book is Mr Labrow's debut novel and I think it deserves a lot more recognition. The man is a genius and I would love to see his book being made into either a film or a TV series. Read his book if you can! 🙂

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