“…what happened to them is about as close to killin’ as day is to night. Those steers was ripped to pieces.”

No one knows who or what is killing the cattle at Groom ranch, but Sam Dryden, with his supernatural greenwood gun, and Raisy, with her ‘deck’ of knives, are determined to find out. What they discover is more horrifying than either of them ever dreamed, and the secret may be one that takes them to the grave. Seasoned with a dash of horror and a pinch of sci-fi, Deadstock is a tasty dish just waiting to be devoured. Deadstock is Ian Rogers’ first foray into the wilds of the Weird West

I first came across Ian Rogers, when I was trawling the internet one night bored out of my mind.  By sheer chance I came a across the cover of his book The Black Eyed Kids.  The cover really grabbed my attention, and I decided to take a punt and purchased all three of his Felix Renn books from Burning Effigy Press.  Being a Scotsman I could never pass on a deal.   And you know what, I’m so glad I did, these books were a joy to read.  You can read my review of them here.


Based on the strength of these books I decided I just had to get a copy of Deadstock, I liked the premise of the book, a weird SciFi, horror western.  And you what folks, this book  more than met my expectations.  Ian Rogers is name that everyone should become acquainted with.  

Rogers transports the reader in the gritty sand blasted desserts of the old wild west, for any historical novel to work, it has to feel as though it is of the time.  Ian has captured the feel of the the old west so well, you can almost hear the rattle of spurs.  

The two main characters, Sam and Raisy, are well written and fully realised.  Rogers gives the reader just enough information about their back story to keep the reader interested, but deftly keeps the bigger story shrouded in mystery.  Yes there are elements that will seem familiar to you, the mysterious supernatural gun, that is wielded by Sam.  A gun that seems to be as much a part of Sam, as the hand that fires it.  Just what is the significance the dwindling number on the handle of the gun?  .  And just who is The mysterious Marshall?  It’s the use of elements such as this that adds a extra dimension to the story

As for the story itself, it’s fast paced gripping tale, that will hook you on page one and keep it’s claws in you until you turn over the final page. Seriously folks Ian Rogers has a great talent for writing highly entertaining stories. 

Hopefully,  it won’t be too long until we are treated to another story  featuring Sam and Raisy, personally I can’t wait, Ian Rogers has without a doubt, found himself on my top ten finds of the year list, and I discovered a lot of great new writers this year.  

You can find out more about Ian by reading my interview 

Ian Rogers Interview

or by visiting his website

Deadstock is available from all good on-line retailers, or you can click the links below. 


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