SPECTRAL PRESS VOLUME IV: King Death by Paul Finch

Great news folks the next edition of Spectral Press’s chapbook series is up for pre-ordered. The previous three editions have all been outstanding.   Check out the links at the bottom of the post for my reviews of them.   


In1348, England is stricken by the Black Death.

The worstpandemic in human history has reached the kingdom of the warlike Edward III, amonarch who in battle against human adversaries cannot imagine defeat.

Two thirds of his subjects now perish. Woodsbecome wild again, farmland goes to rack and ruin, villages, towns and castlesare left empty, inhabited only by ghosts.

Little wonder that fear of the supernaturalreaches an all-time high. Little wonder stories ignite about witches and demonsspreading the plague, about ‘King Death’, an awesome harbinger of doom fromwhom there is no protection.

Cynical opportunist Rodric doesn’t believe any ofthese. With reckless indifference, he sets out to enrich himself…

“Paul Finch’s supernaturalstories combine a poetic imagination with a sharp eye for the complexities ofhuman evil.” – Joel Lane

22pg A5 print booklet with card covers, signed andnumbered, 100 only – published December 2011.
Available from the publishers – Spectral Press, 5Serjeants Green, Neath Hill, Milton Keynes, Bucks, MK14 6HA, UK for £3 (plus50p P+P) either through Paypal (spectralpress@gmail.com) orcheque (made payable to ‘Simon Marshall-Jones’) to the address above. 

Subscriptions for 4 issues available for £13.50UK/£16EU/$30US/$40RoW – paymentdetails as above.

King Death is a tale set in thedevastating aftermath of the Black Death. The very atmosphere of medieval Europewas saturated in the supernatural and demonic, malice lurking around everycorner and behind every bush, and this short tale is heavily suffused with thatoppressively malign aura. Grief, loss, death, destruction and hopelessnessabound – yet, even here, some find opportunities amongst the ruin. But just howlong will it last…?


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