Onthe Eve of D –Day, two New Zealander commandos have been sent on a mission todestroy Nazi gun emplacements in the Channel Islands, in an attempt to distractattention away from the landings.  Littledo these two soldiers know that they are about to enter a world of horror farremoved from the horror of the battlefield.
TheDevil’s Rock is a fine example of what can be achieved with a great script anda low budget.  This is a very tight andclaustrophobic film.  With some greatperformances from the leads, and some tight direction from Paul Campion.  Considering the film basically takes place in one location, it’s hats off to ll involved that the film maintains your interest throughout.     PaulFinch has produced an excellent script that captures the essence of  what I think a film aboutNazi’s and demons should be like. I liked that the cast of the film was kept small, it gave an extra edge to the claustrophobic feel of the film  And as for the demon, well let’s just say my soul would have been sold in a heartbeat if I wasvisited by this demon. Hubba Hubba Hubba springs to mind.
Consideringthe budgetary constraints the special effects were top notch.  It was refreshing to see so much use ofphysical effects.  
Inan era where almost every other horror movie is a major dumbfest or a reimagingof an older film, it was great to sit and watch an intelligent film that didn’ttreat the audience as though they were comprised solely of prepubescent teenageboys. 

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