Today, we have Derek Clendening over for a guest post as part of his blog tour.  Please read and comment for a chance to win a kindle Fire. 

And stay tuned for an interview with Derek on Monday 7th of Nov.  Where I find out if I did indeed go to school with Derek. 

   Author Weston Ochsephrased it best when he said, “Zombies do not sparkle.” This was on a panel atthe 2010 World Horror Convention in Brighton, England. The room broke up inlaughter if only because we horror purists like to jab at Stephanie Meyerwhenever and wherever possible. I’m writing this blog post a year and a halfafter that convention with a new take on Weston’s comment.

     Vampires hit the modern mainstream in a way thattranscended what we understood about vampires—whether you’re a ‘Salem’s Lotlover, or you’re partial to The Vampire Chronicles—because the vampiressparkled. Edward Cullen is sweet and sensitive and, dare I say, human. Really,the popularity of this character neuters vampires as we know them. I respectthe choice and taste of Twilight lovers. I really do. But for so long thevampire was ours; it was nasty and scary and vicious, and I’m afraid we’vereally lost something valuable. That’s plenty of reason for us to be pissedoff.

     Now the zombie has reached the mainstream with therise of novels like World War Z and television programs like The Walking Dead.Zombies are no longer simply for purveyors of horror like us. Regular folks arebeing exposed to the walking dead and that’s a good thing . . . sort of . . . .

     I see one of two things happening. One is that thezombie becomes even more popular, which is good, but that leads us to pointnumber two. They can become watered-down, human and at the mercy ofdemographics that would rather see the zombie as a love interest than as afrightening being that wants to eat your brains. And I’m not talking aboutRavenous Romance’s Hungry for Your Love zombies either. I’m talking aboutzombies that could, God forbid, sparkle.

     We have an opportunity to save zombies from this sortof fate. I wasn’t a huge zombie fan when I began writing The Breeding, but Ibecame much more of a fan because of it. This is because I understand thatzombies aren’t supposed to embody goodness, sensitivity and light. At most theymight bring out those qualities in the humans that are trying to survive azombie outbreak.
The Breeding experiments with zombies a bit, andintroduces some new ideas that have yet to be explored, but there is nothingwholesome about these zombies. Not one damn thing. I can’t promise that it’s onpar with Night of the Living Dead, but I can promise that the concept of the‘scary zombie’ means a great deal to me. Help me to make sure zombies remainscary the way they were intended.
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  1. Good to hear! It's bad enough that we've had vampires defanged and werewolves declawed . . . zombies are kind of the last bastion of old-school horror.

  2. I've already seen seen books about some private investigators, poor down-trodden zombies just trying to get by in a living world, and a trailer for a zombie buddy-movie. The defanging ship has already sailed.

  3. I think Sparkling Zombies would be a good thing. That way we can identify them from a distance and get the heck out of the there before we get bitten. Glad I live some place sunny.reenajacobs at reenajacobs dot com

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