Escape From Zombie City By Ray Wallace

You are one of the last survivors in a city overrun by the walking dead. The news reports say it’s the result of a government experiment gone wrong, and advise citizens to remain indoors to wait for aid. But you’re not getting any safer, and you’d be wise to get out of town while you can.
The zombies aren’t your only concern, however.
Thieves, cults, roadblocks, gun-nut survivors, and military defenses are just some of what you’ll have to deal with as you make your escape. It’s the one little thing you don’t expect, one wrong turn, one bad decision that will get you killed.
It’s going to take more than guts and a gun to get you out alive. Use your knowledge of the event, your instincts, and every                        

        ounce of your luck.
Maybe it will be enough.
Maybe you’ll find the one way out.

Yes you read that right, you rae stuck in a city that is over run with zombies.  This is one of those choose your own adventure books, that many of us will have fond memories off from our childhood. 
I loved those books, I read them when times were much simpler, when the only thing I had to worry about was getting up for my paper round.  I never Dungeons and Dragons, mainly because my jock friends would have pummelled me for being such a geek. So The Choose Your Own Adventure books were my dirty little secret. 
Now fast forward more years than I care to think about, and here I am faced with a part of my childhood, will it bring back great memories or will it sully a great memory?
As many of you know I’m kind of bored of the whole zombie genre, I think it’s getting stale very quickly.  So hats of to Ray Wallace for coming up with a novel novel, and for getting me to pick up this book.  
Truthfully this book works very well, the zombies, or Howlers as they are know in this book, are a nice take on the zombie mythology, and just a carbon copy of any of a number of other zombies  out there. 
This book could easily have been a case of style over substance, in that the writing could have been second to the choose your own part of the book, thankfully this is not the case.  ray has insured that the quality of writing does not suffer.  While at the same time he manages to pose many dilemmas that will have you questioning your own sense of morality.  I’m sorry to say folks that if this happened and I was faced with the same moral dilemmas that are thrown up here, then I would be classed as a bastard.  
This is a fast paced book that works surpisingly well on the Kindle, that will have you reading it over again, just to make sure you finally escape. Yes folks there is only one way out.  Give me your money and I’ll sell you the escape route 
A highly original and enjoyable take on the zombie genre.
Available in both traditional and Kindle Formats


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