Left Behind is a chapbook that Simon Kurt Unsworth wrote and produce specially or his Halloween reading in aid of cancer research, with all proceeds going to the charity.  Luckily Simon has a few copies left hat can be purchased by sending him a personal message here

You should get it folks, not only will you be helping a charity, you will be getting your hands on another fine piece of storytelling.  In this tale about haunted belongings in a charity shop, Simon once again shows that he is fast become one of the UK’s finest purveyors of the ghost story.  This story manages to be warm, charming, spooking and thrilling.  The premise of a Charity Shop being haunted by the ghosts of the owners of the items left there is a nice one, and will have you looking at piles of clothing in a different light by the time you turn the last page. 
Oh and while you are ordering your copy, see if he has any copies of his excellent Quiet Houses collection 


  1. Nice review that tries to capture the intriguingly old-fashioned and yet brilliant story-telling skills of Simon Kurt Unsworth. Would be looking forward towards more of your reviews.

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