The long awaited Ronald Kelly Essentials are here. Both book #1 (Undertaker’s Moon) and book #2 (Fear) are in-stock and ready to ship. Direct customers can match their numbers for the entire line. In total, there will be eight books. Each will contain a bonus never before published novella/novelette. The schedule is to have future books come out on a quarterly basis. Also, as a special bonus, direct customers who buy all eight books directly from Thunderstorm will receive a free hardcover chapbook with a new story from each of the following four authors: Scott Nicholson, Bryan Smith, James Newman, and Nate Southard.

A sleepy Tennessee town.A young farm boy coming of age.
And a creature of unspeakable horror…

Ten-year-old Jeb Sweeny had troubles aplenty. A sick grandmother, a shell-shocked father with the mind of a child, and a terrifying creature that had appeared from nowhere, wreaking havoc in the darkness of night. At first it had devoured only farm animals, but now it had turned its sinister cravings upon human fare. Children began to disappear and spirited away to a hidden cave… including Jeb’s best friend, Mandy.

Jeb’s only hope to defeat the evil critter is to journey into the dark heart of the monster’s origin… a hellish providence known as Fear County. A place of shadow and depravity, filled with horrors so diverse and unimaginable that it boggled the mind and burdened the soul. Together, Jeb, his father, Sam, the traveling bluesman, Roscoe Ledbetter, and Jeb’s bluetick hound, Buckshot, would cross the border into boundless evil and madness… in search of the fabled Granny Woman and the hope of a magic conjured of goodness and light.

A graveyard feast beneath the summer moon …

The rural town of Old Hickory. Tennessee was a quiet, picturesque community … until the O’Sheas came to town.

Becoming the new proprietors of the town’s only funeral parlor, with the help of their charming patriarch, Square McManus, the Irish family was wholeheartedly accepted by the local townfolk. The thing began to happen. Strange things … horrible, unspeakable things … in the dead of night.

The sighting of wolfish beasts congregating around an open grave in the town cemetery. Frightening changes in several of Old Hickory’s less desirable residents. And the brutal murder and devourment of a varsity football player in the wooded wilderness outside of town. Soon, what was once concealed in shadow and secrecy was now starkly revealed, in all its ravenous fury, by the silvery light of the full moon.

As the residents of Old Hickory, as well as the local police, begin to fall victim to an unknown evil, four individuals—the town nerd, a high school jock, a widowed gunsith, and a mysterious transient from a distant shore—find themselves facing what could possibly be a hellish lycanthrope from ancient Ireland … the legendary Arget Bethir … the Silver Beast.



  1. Peter is an author, psychology professor and former private practitioner. But Peter himself didn't put pen to paper at all, and he once even stated he'd never read them coz he "Knew what was in them anyway". Peter may have 500 articles in Canadian and USA media/magazines written and also many more books, so you could try looking up? I read books written HAUNTED NIAGARA: LEGENDS, Best Selling Vampire Book and Horror book for Children, Vampire Book

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