Brit Grit 2 is on the way

Hot on the heels of the rather excellent collection of Paul D Brazill short stories is Brit Grit 2.  This time Paul has collected some of the finest authors working in the Brit Grit genre. Here  is the line up so far. 

Not only has it got Paul in the line up it also features a story by the talent Frank Duffy 

Two Fingers Of Noir by Alan Griffiths
Looking For Jamie by Iain Rowan
Stones In Me Pocket by Nigel Bird
The Catch And The Fall by Luke Block
Loose Ends by Gary Dobbs
Graduation Day by Malcolm Holt
Cry Baby by Victoria Watson
The Savage World Of Men by Richard Godwin
A Dirty Job by Sue Harding
Squaring The Circle by Nick Quantrill
The Best Days Of My Life by Steven Porter
Hanging Stan by Jason Michel
The Wrong Place To Die by Nick Triplow
Meat Is Murder by Colin Graham
A Public Service by Col Bury
Hero by Pete Sortwell
Snapshots by Paul D Brazill
Smoked by Luca Veste
Geraldine by Andy Rivers
A Minimum Of Reason by Nick Boldock
Dope On A Rope by Darren Sant
A Speck Of Dust by David Barber
Hard Times by Ian Ayris
Never Ending by Fiona Johnson
Faces by Frank Duffy
King Edward by Gerard Brennan
Brit Grit by Charlie Wade

 So while you are waiting why not grab a copy of the original installment. 


Check out my review of it here 



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