I have just finished reading Gary’s Concrete Grove novel, and on that basis alone I urge you to buy Concrete Grove and a copy of Rain Dogs.  Gary is a writer of exceptionable talent  imagine the gritty  realism of Ray Banks expertly intertwined with a thread of Clive Barker.  Yes he is that good. 

Guy Renford is fresh out of prison. His life in ruins, he is estranged from his wife and daughter. So he returns to the Yorkshire town of Stonegrave to try and recover what he once held dear. But a presence is watching from behind the endless rainstorm, something that wants revenge… and has not come alone.

Rosie sees ghosts. She has since childhood These sorrowful visions of drowned schoolgirls are linked to a past she fled to America to escape. But you can never run from destiny, and something is calling Rosie back to rainy Stonegrave, the home of her worst nightmares…Slowly, the lives of these two people are drawn together in a town cut off by floods, and at the height of the storm they will be forced to battle a relentless foe that uses the deluge as cover, stalking them from within a merciless onslaught of rain…

RAIN DOGS is an EBOOK novel by GARY MACMAHON, whose fiction has appeared in magazines and anthologies in the U.K. and U.S and has been reprinted in both THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF BEST NEW HORROR and THE YEAR’S BEST FANTASY & HORROR. He is the British-Fantasy-Award-nominated author of Rough Cut, All Your Gods Are Dead, Dirty Prayers, How to Make Monsters, Rain Dogs, Different Skins, Pieces of Midnight, The Harm, Hungry Hearts, and has edited an anthology of original novelettes titled We Fade to Grey. Forthcoming are several reprints in “Best of” anthologies, a story in the mass market anthology THE END OF THE LINE, the novels Pretty Little Dead Things and Dead Bad Things from Angry Robot/Osprey and The Concrete Grove trilogy from Solaris. Gary’s website can be found at: http://www.garymcmahon.com

RAIN DOGS can be purchased from www.anarchy-books.com for £2.49 in PDF, EBOOK and MOBI formats. Artwork by Vincent Holland-Keen.”Here comes the rain again…”

or here 



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