Glenn Gamble’s Tips on Surviving a NBA Lockout

Today folks we have a guest blog by Glenn Gamble.
Former professional poker player Glenn Gamble is an author from Chicago, IL who doesn’t have one of those inspiring stories where he goes to the state penitentiary to discover his gift for writing amazing stories. Instead, he worked on his craft during long romantic dates at Starbucks and Panera Bread with his laptop and a story. His inspiration came from friends who encouraged him to pursue his dreams to become a writer. Without a prison sentence, Gamble has managed to pen A Thousand Chances, Bon Appetit and Escape; and is currently writing future installments of both the Jim Money and Darius Blaylock Poker Series.
In his spare time, Gamble likes to watch Chicago Bulls games, drop twitter bombs from the sky, slam facebook with status updates, and bet on low-stakes rat and roach races taking place in various public housing project apartments across the United States.

Perhaps I wentoverboard with the title, but NBA basketball is my favorite spectator sport,and I will miss watching it while Jim Money will miss betting on it.  I don’t even think he knows the names of the playersin the NBA.  With that said, I know thatsome of you are going to miss basketball as much as me, and some of you aregoing to miss this wonderful sport even more than me.  Without further ado, here are some things youcan do in the spare time that you’d normally waste watching LeBron James dunkon a weaker foe:
·        Spend more time with yourwife.  Okay, maybe not.
·        Join a recreational league andrekindle your love for basketball through participation.  Just don’t wear those Reebok Pumps from theearly 90’s.
·        Watch football and NFLfootball.  They’re both exciting andanother excuse for you to go to the local pub.
·        Write that novel that youalways wanted to write.
·        Follow the Jim Money blog touron my twitter page
·        Spend more time playing poker…bankroll management is key!
·        Surf the internet and meet yourmistress –if you actually follow this suggestion, I am not responsible for anyfuture divorces or burns suffered from your angry wife throwing hot grits onyou.
·        Read my books, all of which areavailable on Amazon Kindle Barnes and Noble Nook Smashwords most recently in the iBookstore for all you iPhone, iPad and iPod users.
·        Re-read this blog post 100x perday until the lockout ends.

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