I’m Laurie Bowler from the United Kingdom, the author ofmany paranormal, horror and romance stories.
I wanted to tell you a little about my latest stories thatI’ve released.
Not only has Death Bite been a successful hit but it alsospurred me towards writing the second instalment to this flesh eating series.
Death Bite 2 follows through the story of the survivors ofthe apocalypse that turned all humans into flesh eating grotesque monsters thatwander the planet in search of fresh meat.
The survivors rummage through small towns and major cities,finding the necessary supplies they need to survive, and offer assistance toothers who are hiding in safe places so they too can survive.
There is no cure, there is only hope they may survive onemore day, and that the government who has gone into hiding in a secret locationwill realise there are survivors amongst the apocalypse they have caused.
I have written Death Bite 2 to be as gripping and gory aspossible, the journey for the survivors is long and arduous but in thestoryline there is hope in all of them. True comrades who look out for one andother, a real show of friendship for each other along with finding sinisterhumans who are supposed to be surviving but have different plans in mind. Togetherthey dodge the planes that drop the drastic and volatile chemicals that reducethe flesh eaters to goo, unfortunately in the government’s haste it wasn’tdesigned to be gentle to humans.
Also, I have published Locum 2 where Latina Horror comes toterms with her new immortal life, the vampires in Locum 1 and 2 are not thekind gentle and handsome breed that have been written about before.
In Locum, I wanted to take the vampires back to how theyused to be. Dark, mysterious and dangerous. Locum is a fun and humorous tale ofLatina and how she has followed the tales her grandmother told her about beforeshe died and how Latina has stumbled and walked into the vampire public house.
Quick witted, dark and mysterious, Latina gets more than shebargained for when she meets Trick. Her smart mouth and wits are humorous andher adventures and own story telling have truly just begun in Locum 2.
I love writing more to the point, especially when I get togain the opportunity to team up with another author and write a collaborationstory with them, its so much fun. I am actually in the process of teaming upwith two different authors and writing collaborations with them, I am havingthe time of my life doing this.
One story is science fiction whereas the other is horror,two completely different genres of writing that are certainly putting methrough my paces.
Here are the links to my books over at amazon.com

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