Alt -Dead is the debut anthology by Peter Mark May, , best known as the author of Demon, Kumiho, and Inheritance.   Alt-Dead collects tales from such genre heavy weights such as Gary McMahon, Steven Savile, and Johnny Mains, alongside some lesser, but no less talented names, such as Ade Chamberlin, Mark West, ,  Jan Edwards. 
On the whole this is a very strong collection, and is one I that I wouldn’t have any problem with recommending to short story fans.  Yes not all the stories work, for me anyway, but show me anthology where every story works, for every reader and I’ll show you a pot of tartan paint. 
It will come as no surprise that numbering amoung mu favourites is Gary McMahon’s Everybody Floats  this is a story about how a father comes to terms with the loss of a child, it manages to be dark, chilling and moving at the same time.  It further cements Gary’s ever growing reputation as one if the UK’s best writers of dark and thoughtful horror. 
Steven Savile’s and Steve Lockley’s The Shufflers, is a fun tale about snow zombies, see folks I told you not to trust Frosty the snowman, yu let him into your hearts and he unleashed a a plague upon us.  
Mark West, not only contributes a rather fine cover to the anthology, he also contributes a clever well written story that requires your attention Mr Huxton Goes Camping.  

Zach Black contributes another fine tale, in Running with the Dead, a man trying to run from his own life, ends up running from his life.  This is a moving tale, that despite the subject matter, is strangely uplifitng. 
Adrian Chamberlin’s The Fisher of Men, reminds me exactly why I don’t like going to wee villages, cheers Ade.

Stephen Bacon’s Shape Without Form, Shade Without Colour, as the anthologies opener, is a damn fine story to kick it off.  This is a moving tale of a man looking into the suicide of his wife.

The ratio of good and excellent stories far outweighs those that just don’t work.  As debuts go for both Peter   Mark May, and as the debut publication from Hersham Horror Books this is a sterling effort.  And you guys should pick up a copy.

Buy it here


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