I’m just going to copy and paste this from Brian Keene‘s blog post over at the Keendom.  Brian puts it better than I ever could.  Please help and join in folks.  

Once again, I call upon the combined might of the F.U.K.U (for new readers, that stands for Fans ‘Uv Keene United – acronym created by authors Drew Williams and Joe Nassise). In the past, when we’ve asked for your help, you have always responded. Together, we’ve done everything from save the life of a little boy who needed surgery, to forcing one of the industry’s oldest publishers to do right by their authors. Tonight, we need your help again.
Several years ago, a group of authors including myself, Nick Mamatas, Nicholas Kaufmann, Paul G. Tremblay, and others attempted to warn our peers about a Nitwit named David Boyer (who was then going by the name of Doc Byron of NVF Magazine or some such horseshit). The guy was a fraud, taking advantage of authors under the auspices of publishing them in/interviewing them for his “magazine”. When we sounded the alarm, via our various Blogs and on Shocklines, (back when people still considered Shocklines to be a legitimate and worthwhile place for authors and fans to hang out), our warnings were ignored, shouted-down, and deleted.
But this isn’t about that. This is about what David Boyer went on to do in the years since.
If you are a speculative fiction author, then you’re probably already aware of Boyer. If not, you should spend a few hours reading B-Thoughtful’s informative Blog and of course, the always-reliable Rusty Nail. Over the last few years, Boyer has openly and ruthlessly plagiarized over 60 authors, including big names like Dean Koontz, Richard Matheson, and Ben Templesmith. Perhaps more heinously, he has stolen from new authors who are just beginning to dip their toes into writing and publishing. A complete list of all of Boyer’s victims can be found here, in the sidebar.
Nothing seems to stop him. Not letters from lawyers or cease and desist notices from attorneys. Boyer complies with the notices, removes the stolen material, and then simply reprints it under another title using a new pseudonym. Perhaps most frustrating of all — by all accounts, Boyer lives below the poverty level, and as a result, a lawsuit against him would be pointless, not to mention extremely costly. Would you pay $10,000 in legal fees to sue somebody who plagiarized your work, only to find that when it came time to reward damages, all that person could pay would be pocket change and an old llama porn videocassette? And thus, there are a lot of frustrated writers who have been victimized by this bag of fuck, and none of them see any end in sight.
Enter Ferrell Rick Moore, one of Boyer’s earliest victims. Rick has found a way to finally make Boyer pay, with criminal charges and the very real possibility of prison time. Rick has opened a Consumer Fraud case with the Indiana Attorney General’s Office (Boyer lives in Vincennes, Indiana). And that is where you come in, dear readers. Follow these instructions carefully, and please note that you DO NOT have to live in Indiana to participate:
1. Please write a letter or email to:
Tom Irons
Consumer Protection Division
Office of the Indiana Attorney General
302 W. Washington St., 5th Floor
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Email: Tom.Irons @ atg.in.gov
2. In your letter or email, you MUST reference File Number 10-CP-62157
3. Be respectful. No cursing. State that you are a concerned consumer or author and that you wish to bring notice of Consumer Fraud on the part of David Boyer, a resident of Vincennes, Indiana, to their attention. Mr. Boyer is stealing copyrighted material and selling it as his own. Many customers who have ordered said material online have never received it, nor a refund. Ones who do receive it are, in fact, getting fraudulent merchandise.
4. Most importantly, as Rick notes in his plea, make sure you say that you want David Boyer pursued under Consumer Fraud regulations at the state’s cost. He’s defrauding consumers.
Okay, now I’m turning it over to you. The members of the F.U.K.U. are seventy-thousand strong and come from all walks of life. We’ve got people at CNN, FOX News, BBC, the CIA, the FBI, and everywhere else in between. We are the Left and the Right and the Middle. We’ve got steelworkers, truck drivers, homemakers, data entry clerks, teachers, waitresses, nurses, telemarketers, forklift drivers, clergy, doctors, and lawyers. We reach from the top of the Hollywood hills to the boots on the ground in Afghanistan.
Make it so…
UPDATE #1: As this gets picked up by others, I want to make sure proper credit is assigned to Ferrell Rick Moore and B-Thoughtful, (who I linked to above). It is their hard work and efforts that have enabled the genre to fight back. All I am is the guy with the bullhorn who, for some reason, can usually get people’s attention. If you Blog or report on this, please give them the credit they deserve.
Update #2: A Facebook page has been started for this campaign. You can “Like” it by clicking here. But don’t just do that and think you’re showing your support. If you really want to help your fellow authors, then do as Rick suggests and write that letter.


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