Hello folks today, we have an interview with author and blogger JIM BRONYAUR
GNOH– Hi Jim, how are you today?

I’mgreat, thanks for asking.
GNOH– Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’ma horror and thriller writer living in Pennsylvania.  I started writing as a kid.  My first published piece of writing was apoem about a pig in a wig.  It wasawesome.  Yes, I still own a copy ofit.  No, I won’t share it.
I’vebeen published over 40 times in magazine, ezines, anthologies, and justrecently, my own novels.  I’ve had thechance to finally open my own small press publishing company, and am enjoyingevery second of it.
GNOH– What is the appeal of horror to you?

Ienjoyed being scared.  I like how horrorcan really be anything… it can be something really out there, something thatcan’t happen.  OR it can be so real, youworry.  Perfect example… Cujo.  It’s scary, but it can happen. 
Ilike how horror can be scary and still have purpose OR it can just be a gorefest kind of thing.
GNOH– What is your favourite sub genre of horror?

Zombies.  It’s always zombies.  There’s many reasons why… the thought of thedead coming to life.  People are supposedto stay dead.  I enjoy thinking of how itcould happen.  I recently moved and welive a few miles from a power plant. There are two HUGE cemeteries near our house and I always joke when Isee the smoke rising in the distance from the cemeteries… think about the powerplant leaking into the ground… to the cemeteries.  And the bodies… start to come alive…
GNOH– You’ve had almost a life times love of the genre, but can you remember whatfirst kicked it off?

PetSematary.  I read the book first, saw themovie later.  It really changed mylife.  When all the kids in my class werereading, you know, kids books, I was buried in Pet Sematary.  My parents weren’t happy about the book, butliked that I was reading.  My teachersfelt the same way.
Andthe movie… wow, that was the first time in my life I experienced truehorror.  Zelda, the character in themovie, is by far the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. 
GNOH– How do feel the current state of the genre holds up to the golden age of the‘70’s and 80’s?

Itmakes me shake my head.  I think now,they try to hard.  The storylines becometoo large and complicated, and the effects are tried too hard.  I realize gore has its place, and trust me, Ilove gore.  But I don’t need toexperience every single piece of blood and cut, etc. in a scene. 
Horroris about the emotion you create within a scene.
I’llgive an example I always give… in Friday the 13th.  There are parts were the music stops.  It’s done on purpose to build the suspensebefore something happens.  Hell, lookedat Friday the 13th Part 2. The intro scene is 10 minutes of the girl walking around herapartment.  Building suspense over and overuntil Jason finally gets her.  It’sperfect!  And when Jason get her, theknife slashes, blood hits the wall, and you’re scared.
Today,we have these ideas that go too deep, too far, too wild.  Some movies warrant it, but what about a goodold fashioned horror movie?  Hell, eventhe stories about haunted houses seem to get carried away now.  Can’t the ghosts just be there?  Can’t the killer just be a killer?  I think part of the horror is sometimes notknowing everything… because it makes your mind think and makes your mind makestuff up…
GNOH– Who would your top five authors be?

Top5 ever?  Hmmm….
R.L.Stine (don’t you dare say a word! He created the generation that I hope toscare!)
ChristopherMoore (funniest stories, but yet have creepiness to them and a purpose)
GNOH– In one paragraph, describe your writing style, and why should folk pick upyour books?

Iwrite horror and thrillers that don’t just entertain, but make you think.  I write books that move fast, createdbelievable characters and put you in a believable setting.  I am also fond of including all aspects ofthe characters into the story, and I’m not afraid to write through the eyes of“the bad guys”.  If anyone is a fan ofStephen King and his ability to create real stories with a mix of Dean Koontz’squick moving novel capabilities, then I’m your author.

GNOH– Could you tell us about your novel Pulsate? 

WellPulsate is a series.  It started as asingle short story titled Pulsate.  Thenit went up for nomination last year for Best Horror Short Story 2010.  And it won.
Fromthere it became a weekly serial on Flashes in the Dark.  When the first season ended, I began tothink… how many readers don’t read online fiction?  How many don’t follow an online serial?  Instead of looking at this as a wall, I tookit as an opportunity.  I edited theepisodes, and then added five bonus episodes (ones that were never published)plus a novelette.  I released it for only$0.99 as an ebook.  This way everyone canenjoy Pulsate.
Andplus… the second season of Pulsate starts in October, so now’s the time tostart reading the first season.

GNOH– I take it the vampires in it are not  watered down emo cry-babies?

Nah,no glittery things here.  I don’t evenlike the term “vampire” right now.  Icall them creatures.  My wife argued withme, forcing me to compromise the word “creature” and “vampire”. 
Icall them creatures because of what they do. They aren’t just vampires.  Somehave different capabilities.  Some canwalk during the day.  Some hunt atnight.  Some are able to travel in time,space, themselves even. 

GNOH- It’s a collection of short stories, are these all stand alone stories, or dothey intertwine into a more cohesive overall plot arc?

Well,as a season, each episode plays into a bigger plot of the season, and ofcourse, the overall movement of the story. The great thing about Pulsate is that it’s not meant to be just now… thestuff I’m writing now about Pulsate is current. But there’s so much room for back story. So much room for Asa (the main character) to grow, to learn her truepast.  And plus, with the notion oftravelling in time and the parts of how there are actually more pieces of landthan we as humans know about… well, it just opens so many doors forPulsate. 

GNOHIt won the Preditors and Editors best story award, congratulations.  How did you feel upon hearing that you hadwon this?

Iwas shocked.  I couldn’t believe it hadbeen entered.  I had nothing to do withit.  The editor of Flashes of the Darkdid it for me.  Once I won it, I realizedthat maybe it was a good story… then it all came together.  A friend of mine who loves vampires (Ann Ricevampires, mind you) told me I should write a sequel.  Around that time, the editor of Flashes inthe Dark approached me about turning Pulsate into a serial.  So I did. And here I am.
GNOH– You have just published your debut novel The Devils Weekend.  Can you tell us about it?

TheDevil’s Weekend is a fast paced thriller about a serial killer named OliverIgnis.  He’s been killing for years andis now on the verge of getting caught. He’s a little twisted, obsessed with his mother, and actually acceptingof his coming capture.  Then one night heis visited by The Devil.  The Devil enjoysOliver’s work, stating the fear Oliver has created shouldn’t go to waste, norbe stopped.
Sohe makes Oliver a deal.  In exchange forhis soul, Oliver will have the entire weekend to kill whoever he wants withoutbeing caught.  If he gets shot, the bulletsdo no harm.  If he is stabbed, the bladecomes out clean.  If he’s cuffed, theyslide right off. 
Oliveradds to the deal, by asking The Devil that at the end of the weekend, can he bepaired up with his mother and they go off and live together, free.  The Devil accepts this, but always has plansin the background…
Soonthe town is finding body after body while Detective Ralph Samuels is desperateto find Oliver and stop him.  When agroup of kids claim they have shot Oliver and that the bullets did not harm,Ralph begins to wonder what’s happening…
Oliverthen decides to kill someone who turns out to be the wrong person to kill.  Now he’s not only faced with the weekendcoming to an end, Oliver finds himself surrounded by police, and comes to faceto face with a true nightmare, something so dark, so painful, that Oliver hasno choice but to give The Devil everything he wants, and more.
GNOH–If you were given the deal Oliver is given, who would you kill?

Whowould I kill?  Whew… I prefer to keep my“hit list” private.  But it does includea few actors, some fictional characters, two imaginary friends of mine, and afinch.  Don’t ask, I’m weird.

GNOH – Imaginary friends, please elaborate. 

While there are many imaginery friends of mine, two that stick out, that need to taken care of are two guys called Jack and Jackie. Jack is loud spoken, always trying to make things extra gross in my life… he slips in ideas about gore and very strange stuff… Jackie has a nasally voice, and he’s always whining. Kind of like, “Ah man, why did you make that zombie come out… ah man, I don’t like zombies…”

But on a side note, Jack, actually has his own books coming out soon… no lie. They are quite gross too (his debut book is about a man in love with a pumpkin but when the pumpkin rots, the man gets mad and kills people…)

GNOH– You describe it for fans of Dean Koontz, how hard was it keeping the gore andviolence to a level that would appeal to fans of his?

Notthat hard.  I had the idea of the pacingfor the novel as I wrote it.  I had thekills planned out in a notebook, in detail. I knew what I wanted from the book as I wrote it.  And of course, through editing, we were able totighten the story, and make it what it is today.
GNOH– If you could pick a soundtrack to the book who would appear on it?

I’dlike some classical music playing while we get to know Oliver.  Seeing his mind as he kills and how he feelsit’s the normal thing to do. 
Thenof course maybe throw in some Metallica… Creeping Death… Battery…Master of Puppets… oh, and we can’t forget some Slayer too.  I’m fond of Angel of Death while Oliver isrunning rampant. 
Andthen in a sick twist, perhaps while reading the last few pages, listen toCinderella’s ‘Don’t Know What You’ve Got ‘til it’s Gone’…

GNOH– You also write poetry, now I have to show my ignorance, but what is theappeal of poetry, other than dirty limericks I have never gotten it.

Poetryis another form of art.  I was stuck in awriting class in 10th grade that changed my life.  I love being able to write in a poeticvoice.  No boundaries, no pressure.  I just enjoy it.
Nowmy poetry project I have going is fun… it’s epic horror poems published as singlebooks.  I laugh and tell people it’s amix between Stephen King and Dr. Seuss. These epic poem are 5,000-8,000 words, telling a single horror story,but think of the style that Dr. Seuss wrote in.
Ican assure anyone that once they read it, they’ll be hooked… and I’m sureyou’ve never seen anything like it!

GNOH– How hard is it to get yourself noticed out there?

It’shard.  But it takes time, patience, andtons of work.  Those who think they canupload a book and wait to get rich will do that… WAIT.  You need to be out there, writing, talking,networking, and enjoying it all.  Youhave to get stuff published elsewhere, take chances, and be involved. 
GNOH– What type of writer are you, do you plan every page and plot point, or areyou a more organic writer that goes with the flow?

Amix.  I’ll have a notebook of ideas,points, etc.  I’ll have everything I wantthe story do planned out, but I let it flow. I don’t write in sections or treat anything like it’s a machine… I justwrite.  I can’t go in blind because I’llbe everywhere.  But I can’t follow ameticulous outline. 
GNOH– Do you have any rituals you go through when writing?

Itend to get lost in my writing, and get WAY TOO obsessed with characters.  When writing The Devil’s Weekend, I couldn’tstop thinking about Oliver Ignis. Everything I did I compared it to him. And things I did… like down to brushing my teeth, I would stand thereand try picture how Oliver brushed his teeth. How he walked.  What he ate.  How he looked at the world.
Ialso go through periods of regret and hate… I’ll be in the middle of somethingand just hit a wall.  But I force throughit.  I write my way through it. 
GNOH–  Can you tell us about any futureprojects?
Ihave quite the list of upcoming projects. I’ve been lucky enough to have a lot of projects already started or donebefore I began publishing. 
Nextup is a horror/zombie novel titled The Failed. It’s about a new injection that can bring deal cells back to life.  The purpose is to be used in a sick people tohelp them fight off infection or disease. There’s only catch… if a person is injected and then dies, well, all thebody’s dead cells come back to life, thus bringing the person back to life…with no brain function.
Afterthat, I’ve got a two part horror story called Within the Walls.  A family finds a house very cheap and buysit.  They soon start finding strangethings happening and learn that an old past is still in the house, in thewalls, trying to get them.
Ialso have another epic horror poem coming soon, plus a few short stories andcollaborations.  NO rest for the wickedhere! 

Cheers Jim , it’s been nice having another Jim over.   You can purchase all of jims work by following these two links 


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