Unearthed By Gina Ranalli

Product Description

The Pacific Northwest is known for its near-constant rainy season. But on New Years Day, the sun emerges and one woman, alone with her dog, ventures out to discover that something else has arrived with the new year: vast sinkholes, large enough to swallow entire cities, claim the lives of millions and unearth nightmare creatures that could only mean one thing…the end of humanity.
Gina Ranalli is one of those authors, who I have in my collection, but I have never gotten round to reading.  Don’t ask me why, it’s not as though I have ever read a bad review of her, in fact she is spoken of very highly by those folks I actually listen to.  (See I do listen to some people Amanda).  So what made me buy this book, rather than just dig one of her others from my TBR mountain.  Two things I liked the cover, in this day and age of e-books it’s beginning to feel like the cover of so many books have been cobbled together by colour blind monkey, with no sense of art.  I like the brownness of the cover, it looked like the perfect sort of cover to start what I like to call Bradbury Month, that magical four week period in the lead up to Halloween.  Secondly, I loved the premise of the story, giant holes opening up in the ground, unleashing hordes of giant digger bees, hell yes, this is my sort of book. I love monster books, and man verses nature books, these sort of books bring out the great memories of a time gone by, a time when the latest monster movie was still a thing of big dumb joy. 
So this short novella has a lot to live up to.  does it it manage it?  It damn well does.  This is a tight claustrophobic novel that only has a handful of characters.  By doing this Gina, keeps the tension piled on in bucket loads, while at the same time retaining a heart to the story, You find yourself rooting for three of the characters and their fate will resonate with you.  Gina’s writing and skilful, it manages to make the story feel much bigger and than it is.  You only know what is happening via the use of snippets from radio broadcasts.  The ending, may annoy some readers, but hey I liked it and I thought it suited this story very well.  
This book is a great start to the best season of the year.  I enjoyed it so much, I’m going to dig out the rest of Gina’s work from that ever growing mountain 



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