Today folks we have an interview with UK author Laurie Bowler  The first idea came to write “Moon Rising” Laurie attended Andover College where she studied Music and English and now teaches full time to adults to further their education. Laurie Bowler lives with her daughter and husband, whom she loves to spend time with along with two cats and a parrot.

GNOH– Hi Laurie, how are you today?

Hi, I’m fine. Thankyou so much for having me here today on this brilliant site!
GNOH– Could you give the readers a little bit of background info, to set the scene?

I’m Laurie Bowlerfrom the United Kingdom. I write paranormal, horror and fantasy stories, and Ihave already written 31 in total that are a mixture of short and long stories.Writing for me is brilliant, and I love to share my imagination with others. Iam a teacher to adults, a mummy to an adorable little girl and I have 2 parrotsand 2 cats, so life here for me is a little crazy at the best of times but Ilove it!
GNOH– Two cats and a parrot?  Your parrotmust be a nervous wreck, and the cats very frustrated?

My cats tend to runabout like crazy animals most of the time, they have far too much energy at thebest of times and are incredibly vocal when they want their dinner!
My two parrots arebrilliant. The male ‘Sydney’ is 15 years old and talks all day, he shouts atthe cats and tells them to get ‘out’ and dances when I chant ‘dancing,dancing’, he is awesome and comes out of his cage to sit on top of it. My babygirl parrot ‘Belle’ has just started to talk, she can say most things but Ithink Sydney has had a huge influence on her. Belle comes out of her cage andsits on top of my laptop and watches me type my stories, luckily I’ve trainedher to go back to her cage for some toilet time so it’s not too messy!
Most days its verynoisy in here between the parrots, the cats and my daughter making as muchnoise as they can, I have had to start to drown out the noise so I canconcentrate on my writing and my teaching job!
GNOH– I see that your are involved in adult education, that must be a  rewarding job?

It is a brilliant joband I have a brilliant boss to go along with it! I love teaching and takingadults through to the end of their qualification, it’s great when I receivefeedback saying how they have found a new job through acquiring theirqualification. It’s very rewarding and I gain great job satisfaction as well.
GNOH– I’m sure you get asked this all the time, but what is the appeal of horrorfor you?

I will admit at firstmy stories weren’t horror based but as I gained experience and I gathered moreconfidence in my abilities I have managed to present that into my stories.Which makes the fight scenes, zombie stories and my recent one Hacked Up thatmore interesting, the in depth descriptions in the stories were great to write.But, I did scare myself when I was writing them. I guess, I have found a newwriting ‘bug’ and I’m thoroughly enjoying branching out my abilities to writein different context and different genres of writing, it’s lots of fun for me.
GNOH– Can you remember what first kicked started your love of the genre?

It was while I waswriting Depths of Darkness and then Order of Blood, and although they are bothfantasy as well as horror, writing them required a little more detail toparticular scenes than my previous books that are YA based. I then developed anidea to write a zombie story ‘Death Bite’ which had then led into me writing‘Hacked Up’, both of them are that detailed with gore that I very nearly mademyself ill writing them.
GNOH– Even though I love the genre I’ve never been tempted to  start writing, can you remember what the catalyststhat caused you to start writing?

I have been askedthis question a few times. Initially it was my very first book Vanquished backin November 2009. I sat down one day and felt like writing, it was like I wokeup suddenly and decided to become a writer. Since Vanquished I have writtenmany more stories and I haven’t stopped, even now I have stories backed upwaiting to be edited.
GNOH– How does your friends and family react when you tell them you are a horrorauthor?

My older sister doesnot want to read any of the horror stories; she says she doesn’t wantnightmares! But mostly all the books I’ve written many of my friends and familywant to read them, I have tried to accommodate them all and send books out,sorry if I have forgotten anyone and you read this! I have been told the coverslook scary, and the covers send shivers down their spines before they have evenread the story but I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad one, what doyou think?
GNOH– Have you ever had any bad reactions from people?

I have had a few‘bad’ reactions, but I everyone is allowed their own opinion and I rarely getupset by them anymore. The very first one really hurt and I stopped writing forthe next 3 months afterwards, although I was itching to get back into mystories I was far too hurt to even try and my confidence went downhill. I amover that now, another author gave me some support and fantastic advice whichhelped me through it.
GNOH– Who would be your top three authors of all time?

Now this will sound alittle odd, I dont actually read horror stories myself, when I get the chanceto read in between family, animals and my own writing.
The authors I readare: Virginia Andrews, Danielle Steele and Catherine Cookson.
GNOH– As a relatively unknown author, how do you get your name out there?

I have found websitewhere you can create eye catching press releases and they distribute them forfree. Additionally, I have reviewers read and review my stories and they havetheir own blog sites, which helps to gain interest with new readers.
I also post guestposts on blogs. I do find it hard to get noticed but I know I am getting there,it takes patience and time.

GNOH– Do you think it is harder coming from the UK? There does seem to be a much bigger horror community in the US than overhere?

Definitely! It is sohard to gain attention or even intrigue in the UK, I have found the majority ofmy sales and reviews are from US fans.
 Its rare that I get an email, review oranything from anyone in the UK. I have tried to jump into the UK market ofstory writing, but I am going to need to do a lot of research and then startagain.
GNOH-  Can you remember how you came up withthe idea for your first book?

No idea! I literallywoke up one day in November 2009 and I sat down and started to writeVanquished. Since then my ideas haven’t stopped and so I haven’t stoppedwriting. The day I do stop writing is when my ideas wear out, until then I’mafraid I will be around for a long time J
GNOH– The book is the first part of a series, was this always your intention?

I have written manybooks that are part of a series. Vanquished, my first book has a sequelVanquished: The New Beginning. The other series I have written are as follows:
Across the Cityseries: The Beginning, The Battle Begins, Carnage, The Alliance
Moon Rising series:Moon Rising, Sunrise to Sunset, Golden Horizons and Order of Blood.
GNOH– How much research and world building did you go through before you sat downand 
wrote the book?

There is only a fewtimes I’ve done research on a story I’ve been writing. The rest of the time, Ihave no set framework or notes to work from, my ideas and stories are all freeflowing!
The Gulons that arewritten in the Moon Rising series are one of the examples where I researchedsomething. I knew I didn’t want to write about vampires vs werewolves, it’sbeen done so many times before that I wanted my series to be as unique as Icould get it to be.  And so I stumbled onthe Gulons, they are a Scandanvian legendary creature, I have adapted theiroriginal descriptions so that they could adapt and fit the storyline, butbecause I have chosen the Gulons, Moon Rising is unique.
GNOH– So why vampires, if you’re a regular reader to this blog, you’ll know that Iam a big fan of the vampire, in fact my love of the genre was kicked off bywatching Dracula one night as a 

I dont particularlylike to read about vampires, especially not the ones written lately where theyare all romantic and not the harsh creatures that I used to read about when Iwas a kid.
For ages they haveintrigued me, they can be anything an author wishes them to be. As an author weare able to adapt our specific vampire breed and make them unique to fit ourideas and imagination, hence this has now created a brand new intrigue into thevampire race. I love Dracula by the way, now he is one of a kind and brilliant!
GNOH– The heroine in your books is a half human vampire.  Do you explain how this comes about?  Or do you let the reader make a leap offaith?

Marinette aka Nessyfeatured in Moon Rising series, she is certainly a great character for me towrite about and I have had lots of fun. While reading the series readers willfind out how and why she is only a half breed so to speak, and later on readerswill also find out how Nessy can then become even more unique than she alreadyis, although Nessy is more than a little freaked out by it all.
Order of Blood, thelatest in this particular series explains how Nessy became a half human vampirein the first place, it takes the readers back to the roots of the storyline andhow it all started with Hervidor and the Tellis coven.
GNOH– Would it be fair to say that your books are aimed more at the female end ofthe market?
My earlier books, theparanormal romance stories are aimed at YA, they aren’t specifically aimed forfemales and I have had many males read and review them and enjoyed them. I amwriting my latest stories to fit the adult end of the market more than the YAend, and I have incorporated gore and many other aspects to be able to reachout to both males and females equally.
GNOH– Can you tell us about Serena Embracing Darkness?

The character of thisstory is based upon the actions of a real person that I know, it was while Iwas writing about the actions she carried out in regards to her children that Ithen changed Serena to a vampire and incorporated the other vampire charactersinto the story. I then wanted to be able to create a unique vampire story, andso I thought of the idea of the relic being left behind by Serena’s maker, andthe power the relic holds of the world so I could create the suspense and addedthrill aspects to the story.
Serena’s characterwas really hard to write at first due to the changes she is going through andhow she decides to deal with them. I didn’t want to have to write how Serenatreats the idea of children, and even though she had those children before shewas turned into a vampire, so while she was human. The actions are the sameones someone I know took on her own children here in the UK, and I found itdifficult to like this person once I witnessed everything that had been saidand done. Much the same for this book, I found it difficult to put it intowords without feeling sorrow for the children’s loss in their lives.
GNOH– In your book The Depths of Darkness, the heroine is a witch, if you hadmagical powers what would be the first three things you would do?

I would want to beable to create the world without war, hunger and certainly without the murdersand other bad things that happen every single day.
It saddens me everytime I read the news!
GNOH– All the lead characters on your novels are women, have you ever consideredwriting a novel with a male lead character? Or do you feel it’s better to write a hero with a perspective you canrelate too? 

I have consideredmany times to write a story with a male lead, my comfort zone is writing with afemale lead. One day I will write one with a male so I can make sure allowingfemales to dominate my writing world!
I relate to a femalelead, and I suppose I add emotions to how I would react to things if I wasfaced with a vampire etc. And I find it much easier to write with the femalelead, because as well as writing horror if I wanted to add romance, its muchbetter writing it from a female lead rather than a male lead.
GNOHCan you tell us of any future projects you have in the pipeline

I have so many newstories in the pipeline, here is the list:
Locum: Post Bite
The Vampire Hunter
Blood Fusions series
Across the City:Blood Hunger
Death Bite 2
Masochistic Voices

Many hanks Laurie for popping in for a cha, you can purchase Laurie’s books by clickity clicking the link below 



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