Derby Scribes is an anthology that collects stories from thw aforementioned writing group.  Now folks I hear hear the groaning from the back row, a writing group, this is going to be like some really poor Am Dram production.
At first I thought the same, but when I saw that both Simon Clarke, and Conrad Williams, two the finest established UK horror authors had stories in this, I thought they wouldn’t have attached there name to some of poor quality.
Yes, it’s true their tales are the stand out pieces of the anthology, along with Stuart Hughes tale.
Clarke’s tale has a nice Twilight Zone feel to it, and is as is to be expected from Simon extremely well written.
Conrad Williams, tale is a very bleak look at at dystopian future, where crimes of literature is punishable by death.  Me thinks that this is a good idea.  Conrad in the confines of a short story has developed a fully believable world.
Stuart Hughes tale is a classic example of a quiet and fun ghost story, where a woman looking for closure over her dead husband seeks out a medium.  This was probably my favourite tale of the anthology.
However it must be said that not all the tales work, Victoria Charvill’s Stump, and Peter Borg’s Dave’s Dinosaur, just didn’t work for me as pieces of flash fiction.  They felt more like a couple of anecdotes than pieces of fiction.
On the whole this is a good collection, that show cases some fine talent, definitely worth your time and hard earned cash
You can Purchase Derby Scribes  2001, and please do

by clicking the links below


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