Noir Nation is an eBook journal of international crime fiction that includes graphic novels, essays, author interviews, and a community forum. The Journal advances works of the imagination that explore the darker geographies of human experience.

This inaugural issue mixes award-winning masters of hardboiled and literary crime fiction Paul D. Brazill, Bianca Bellova, Jean Charbonneau, Tristan Davies, Les Edgerton, Stephen Gibson, Timothy Patrick Gibson , JJ Toner, and Scott Wolven with newer and emerging writers Leah Chamberlain, R.F. Farrell, Kevin Hardcastle, Gerald Heys, Kevin Levites, and. Yewande Omotoso.
It also includes commentary on the state of noir fiction by J. Madison Davis, Alan Ward Thomas, Melodie Campbell, Wendy Reynolds, Ann Littlewood, Ann Cleeves, Linton Robinson, Joe Trigoboff, and Christopher Cook and a Flamenco Noir graphic novel by Jon Danko (writer) and Danda (illustrator).

Art and illustrations by Danda of the Czech Republic and Hamlet Zurita of Equador.


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