Spinetingler Award nominee Paul D. Brazill was born in England and lives in Poland.His stuff has appeared in loads of classy print and electronic magazines and anthologies, including the 2011 Mammoth Book Of Best British Crime Needle Magazine and Shotgun Honey . His noir/horror series Drunk On The Moon and short story collection Brit Grit are out now and 13 Shots Of Noir is out soon.He writes a column for Pulp Metal Magazine and contributes to Mean Streets Magazine.

GNOH – Hi Paul how are doing?

 Not bad! Recovered from my six weeks teaching in summer school!

GNOH – The third instalment of your series Drunk On The Moon has just been released, can you remember how you came up with the premise of the series?
Well, it started off as a title-from a Tom Waits song. Then it was a short story for Dark Valentine Magazine, who wanted cross genre stories.
GNOH – A werewolf PI going up against zombies, aliens, could be described as an Urban Fantasy, yet you manage to keep the story decidedly noirish.  Was the a deliberate decision from the start?
Not a decision. I just wrote a fairly standard PI story that just happened to have a few quirky bits along the way.
GNOH – Duffy’s  features heavily in the books, is this based on any pub that you have frequented?
Duffy’s is based on the idea of a noir-bar- like in the film Fallen Angel- and a 24hour pub that I used to live opposite in Warsaw. And named after Frank Duffy, of course. He’s a proper horror writer, though. I’m just a dilettante.
GNOH – Was it always your intention to have this as a multi author series?
Nope. When I wrote the first story, a couple of people said it should be a series. I was thinking of sending stories for Dark Valentine Magazine  when they came up, but then they went tits up.
When Trestle Press asked me for something, I thought of the multi author thing.
GNOH – How was the roster of authors drawn up?  Did you have a group of authors in mind or did you put out an open call?
I specifically asked a bunch of writers that I knew could do noir/crime/ horror. Who could mix the fantastic with the mundane- which is what most of my writing is about, anyway, from one perspective or another.
GNOH – How much editorial control do you have over the series?  Have you plotted out the story arc and give the synopsis to the respective author?  Or do you just give them a loose set of guidelines?
I just told everybody to write a Roman Dalton story, with his characters and in his world. That was it.
I’ve tweaked a couple of  tiny bits of some stories to make them more consistent, but almost nothing.
GNOH – We have had Julia Madeleine, and Alan  Leverone , can you spill the beans on some of the other authors you have lined up?
Yep, in the next couple of days will be  BR Stateham’s Insatiable. This is a longer story- a hardboiled crime tale. And after that  is Richard Godwin who is as poetic and heart rending as ever.
GNOH – When will you be returning to the series?
Maybe a few more stories down the line. But the other writers are all giving their own angle which makes the series more interesting.
GNOH – I presume we haven’t seen the last of Agent Darke?
Well, he was created by Allan Leverone, so if Allan want to bring him back it’s fine by me!
GNOH – What is it with you and the word gibbous, I get the impression it’s a favourite word of yours?
Oh, if I like something I overdo it to death!
GNOH – Can you spill any secrets and what’s coming up with the series?
Really, we’re pretty much taking it as it comes, although a story from John Don Carlucci will give it a very different spin!
GNOH – Once again Paul thanks a lot for the chance to chat with you.  As always it’s been a pleasure.
My pleasure. Thanks for all your support, Jim!
GNOH – Folks I highly recommend you get yourselves a copy of this series, it realy has been a highlight of the year, and while your there get a copy of Paul’s collection Brit Grit, you can pick up all four for less than £4. 
You can purchase all of them by clicking the links below



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